Older students getting jobs?

  1. I am working towards a Associate Degree in Medical Assisting, I keep hearing things like they are mainly hiring younger people vs older. I am going to be 52 and have completed my Pre Health Certificate, but I am wondering if I am wasting my time, should I be pursuing something else in Medical? I am in good shape and people tell me I do not look my age. But if they see 52 on the application is it going to be pushed to the back?
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  3. by   Bound2cBSN
    Age should not be on a job application. It isn't legal.
  4. by   HouTx
    Absolutely agree with PP - age CANNOT be required on a job application, according to Federal law in the US.

    But I have a question for the OP. Two years of education for an MA? I am not super-familiar with those types of programs, but most in my area are much shorter in length. Why not an ADN or at least an LP/VN?
  5. by   DAL2010
    Regardless of legality, the reality is that some employers discriminate based on age, they just won't outright say that's the reason...Healthcare though is different: MA, RN is second career for so many people that hospitals actually prefer the maturity that age can bring. I know people in their 40s, 50s, even 1 classmate in his 60s, who got hired over young twenty-somethings with comparable GPAs and test scores. So, healthcare is the right place to go for those of us who are a little more "seasoned"...We have reputations as being more settled, more grounded, more responsible and better able to handle stress - all the things that come along with living a little more life!
  6. by   mshirahm
    I appreciate the input it makes me feel much better. As far as the time frame for going to school. I am going to a well accredited technical school here in Columbia, SC . The pre-health certificate is approx. a years worth of classes provided you don't have to take some basic math, english and physology. Which I already had. Then if you are lucky enough to go straight in the program without being on a wait list the MA classes for a certificate are about 6 months long, a total of 20 courses. I am taking some extra courses so when I graduate I will end up with a Associate Degree. So I will have 2 years in.