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I'm wondering if there are others such as myself who have decided to change careers and gone back to school to pursue a nursing degree. I am 50 years old and have always wanted to be a nurse, but married and had a family instead.... Read More

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    I am an LPN going back to school to obtain my RN, I am 48 and have 5 kids as well as 13 grandbabies, they are all encouraging me and rooting me on, what a wonderful feeling.

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    I was going to post that I guess as we 'age' and hit near 50 we are all 'winding down' our life--after all 'most people are'.
    Then we are possibly unable to work 'long hours' or move easily due to lack of exercise and too much blubber.
    I then had to laugh. Guess that is who this person sees as 'old' Well, BREAKING NEWS:
    'Old' people are living longer, staying healthier and working longer. My husband is 61 and could run circles around most 20 year olds. He is a triathelete, yogi, intellectual, extremely well muscled and eats healthy wholesome foods in small quantities. No illnesses or medications. I am very fit too at 45 almost 46 but he could run circles around me too. I work 50+ hours a week at a preschool I run (not much sitting down and relaxing there) and go to school at nights, have a teenager and a husband (house to run), volunteer 8 hours on the weekends at a program for -pre-nursing students at a nearby hospital--doing clinical patient work, msotly bed changes, patient transfers, stocking, cleaning, patient transports, we lift, bend, carry but use proper body mechanics to alleviate damage to ourselves or our patients. I also have been accused of being in my 20's. One patient asked if my parents were proud of me going to college and how they can afford it. I had to tell them my father has died and I support my mother. I have a near to grown child of my own. They told me I looked 24 tops. Get that all the time. I exercise by running outside and not on a treadmill in the corner, lifting weights and yoga.

    I kept reading and saw how a lot of posters said that too. Then I fugured that those who were 'old', frumpy and dumpy so to say, who were 'ready to wind down' would NOT endevour on this journey--AT OUR AGE.

    Do not let anyone discourage you or tell you that you are too old or shove you in a box of stereotypical ageism. Your too old and old people are sick and have heart trouble and can't work long hours and can't this or that....It is 'ageism'. You are YOU and you knew who you were and what you were capable of when you started this. We didn't get to this age and not learn to plan and calculate costs of things, physical included. We are bright and sharp and sounds like we are healthy and fit. We work hard and want to keep working hard. SO do this and don't pause with the influence of those who say 'you are old'.

    signed-not ready for the crypt -yet.

    note to poster reffered to: I know you said 'IF' any of us had let ourselves go, gained weight and used our treadmills -if we had one- as a clothes rack, since we don't know how to use our closets- but seriously what made you post that???? Did you presume that was the best piece of adviced you could give us based on us being 'old'? That is sage advice for ANY aged nurse and student --everyone actually! What we struggle with at our 'age' is discouragement like yours. We must be this or that and maybe even too old to know what we are in store for, like maybe we had not thought about it ahead of time. I believe we ALL realized we would have patients and would have to clothe, bathe, move and care for them. Most of us, at our age, have had grandparents, parents etc fall ill and need similar care. We have seen it and done it. Please think about what is encouraging on this board not throwing the same old Stereotyping and AGEISM's. I wish you the best and can't wait for you to get old and gain that higher level of insight. Something the aged on here can offer that the 20 somethings cannot often do.
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    so glad to read these posts...Im 38 just starting my prereqs...and I told my parents I was going back and my parents are thrilled. My mom, 63, also wishes she could go back. She stated she got scared off at 17 during her first AS classes years ago and regrets it. Ive been scared of "change" but I figure life is no fun without trying things that are scary!!

    I also had a nurse friend laughing at me yesterday since I have already started studying...she says Im that old lady messing up the bell curve that is going to be studying too much and sitting in the front row asking all the questions......after pushing my kids to study all the way through school I understand the value of studying! (something "I" lacked at 20) She is my encouragement letting me know Im nowhere near old and will do great!
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    I was unsure too at first about going back to school at a more mature age but then I realized that you're never too old to go for your dreams! As long as you have the drive, passion and motivation, you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to! So just go for it!

    I'm 40 (turning 41 in Dec). I'm planning on apply for a BSN program Oct/Nov 2013. By the time I finish nursing school, I'll be 43ish. I've been wanting to enter nursing for several years but was at a job that was VERY demanding, stressful and time consuming for 11 years (60+ hours a week, travel 4-5x a year, occasional weekends) but when I got laid off 8 months ago, I realized now was the time! My only regret is not starting sooner and letting my demanding job hold me back from starting! I'm ready now and very anxious for this next phase in my life.
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    I'm 40 in nursing school, there is a woman in my class in her 50s and another in her 60s. You're never too old... the kids (in my experience so far) don't treat you any differently if you're older... not to your face anyway. lol
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    Hi again to all who have posted here i posted a word of encouragement to Sande to help however i could
    BUT now i have been encouraged by those of you who have posted here after me i hope somehow we all encourage each other
    i have found the healthcare field has the most caring individuals i have ever met
    i want to thank all of you who have posted a comment to sande because you have also helped me so very much
    it is so nice to see this healthcare community all seemingly looking out for each other
    i wish all of us ther very best success
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    How exciting! You won't be the only older student in your classes! I am 48 and just finishing up my pre-reqs so i can apply Fall of 2013. Today I took the PAX and passed with a 97! It's never too late! In fact, what encouraged me to go ahead and make my dream a reality is the number of new middle aged nurses that I got to know during my mom's illness and hospital stay. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to make the grade since it's been so long since I attended college but I have found that it is actually easier since i know how to study and I WANT to make this happen versus doing it because it was expected of me. Go for it!!
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    This is something I think about a lot too. I am 44, set to finish up pre-reqs next quarter, and applying to BSN programs. AND I have a 3 year-old (who doesn't seem to need much sleep), a husband who travels a lot for work, and a volunteer job. I worked as a Medical Asst. for years, but always had the idea of doing this, was just afraid to take the plunge. The climate and politics got weird at work 2 years ago, so I finally got up the nerve to leave my job in May of 11, and started school a couple weeks later. Yeah, I wish I had done it earlier, but at least I am doing it now! Good luck to all of you!
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    This thread hasn't been active for a while but thought I'd throw my 2 cents in...I'm 51 and am starting in the fall for my associates in nursing and couldn't be happier. It will be sort of a third career for me, not including staying at home to raise my 2 kids. Just finished up my last prereq and though I was the oldest in that class, the kids were great and I made some friends. It helps that I'm a bit of a goofball, I think! When I was applying I was told that my school just graduated a 62 year old. I'd at least like to go on to get my BSN but am also toying with the idea of a masters. I'd be 56 when I finished. Any thoughts?
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    Good day, grannyclampett:

    I just turned 50 yesterday; and my wife gets a kick that my hope after becoming an RN (it looks like this might be a two to three year process for either a diploma or associate based on how fast I can get certain prerequisites conquered) that I plan to go for a BSN (after getting a job), then an MSN... and even a phD should the Lord allow me.

    So I do think it is a good idea that you are thinking ahead of a BSN and a masters. Go for it!

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