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  1. Hi everyone
    I am a 24 year old female from Cali looking to apply to NYU fall 2013 for spring 2014. I had some personal problems when I started college in 07 which left my first attempt at school in bad condition.i didn't do we'll as far as grades I took some time off and for the past 2 years have taken all the preqs/classes needed in order to begin nursing classes at local community colleges. I have received all As and Bs and have changed my whole academia and drive for school around for the better! I have a 3.5gpa in my sciences classes and 2.7 total gap overall (being that I had previously done bad) NYU is my dream school!! So is there anything I should be doing now while I have time before I actually apply this oct to kind of "beef up" my app?? Any ideas that will help me stand out so that NYU will kind of look past my mess ups???
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  3. by   Ginamarie119
    I was accepted into the Spring 2013 ABSN class. I didn't go, because I couldn't swallow the price tag. I am older and in a different situation than you are though. It is an AMAZING school.

    NYU will appreciate a upward trend, keep getting those A's. They don't look at just the GPA, they are more concerned with you being a well rounded student. Both the essay and recommendations are VERY important. They can be used to sell you to the admissions board. Make sure that those are awesome and then give it a shot. Good luck!
  4. by   ebinbrooklyn
    Maybe volunteer--get more hands on experience? Consider getting your CNA and working as a CNA until you start school? I think professional letters of recommendation can be helpful. Are you considering the general 4 year program or the accelerated program (I can't tell by the description if you already have a degree)?
  5. by   Kingc
    I do not have a bsn but I will have an associates by summer 2013 which wouldn't allow me to do the ABSN. I have been volunteering at a homeless shelter for the past 2 years while I finished the entry classes and have accomplished a lot in my volunteering. Should I consider volunteering at a hospital instead?? I also plan to start my CNA training this may so by the time I have applied ill be certified and hopefully with experience. I will need to take out loans and work to live out there. Do u have any concerns/suggestions about that?? I won't have any family help. No kids just me!
  6. by   Kingc
    Ginamarie...wow congrats! Yes the cost is too much but I'm willing to pay!! If u don't mind would u mind sharing your rsum/application since u got in??