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Hello, all. Let me give a bit of information about myself so that some of you can better advise me on my situation. -I am a 25 year old female. -Almost completed completed my bachelor's degree (not a nursing degree). -Works... Read More

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    Frankly, nutrition is under taught. it should not be an easy A. It truly is the basis for human wellness.
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    My nutrition class was far more challenging that what I was expecting. It was actually a lot of physiology and chemistry. I got the bare minimum for an A.
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    Nutrition, if properly taught, is HARD. I got an A but I studied for it as much as I study for anatomy.
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    Everybody told me it was going to be easy as well. It was not incredibly hard but it was more than I expected. I ended up one point away from an A. I was not a happy camper!

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