Nursing school interview next week!!

  1. 0 Hello everyone!
    I have an interview for nursing school next week with the faculty. Does anyone have suggestions or tips for my interview? This is my first one so I dont quite know what to expect.
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    Good luck!

    I didn't have an interivew for my program, so I don't have any advice about what they'll ask you - but I have plenty of questions you could ask them! :chuckle

    I believe, if I'm not mistaken, there's an interview sticky at the top of one of the nursing student forums....
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    Quote from manna
    Good luck!

    I didn't have an interivew for my program, so I don't have any advice about what they'll ask you - but I have plenty of questions you could ask them! :chuckle

    I believe, if I'm not mistaken, there's an interview sticky at the top of one of the nursing student forums....
    I would love to hear some questions that I could ask. I just want to go in feeling somewhat prepared. I want to make a good impression.
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    Go to this link. It has all sorts of questions that will most likely be asked. I used it before my interview last month, and got accepted!
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    On my interview they asked very basic questions! Why you want to be a nurse... 3 words that describe you.. Why do you want to go to this program over others.. and thats basically it.. Goodluck!!
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    i am havin an interview next week too and I would love some tips too!!HELP!!!!I choose not to admit that I am nervous because I think i would be worse I am saying that I am working on my confidence right now!!!
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    My interviewers wanted to know about specific incidents in my life in which I displayed certain qualities. I was asked about 10 different such questions on top of the typical 'why nursing' and 'biggest weakness' type questions. I can't remember them all but they were along the lines of:

    1. Tell us about an experience where you had to multi-task.

    2. Tell us about an experience where you were under a lot of pressure and had to solve a problem.

    3. Tell us about an experience where you were in conflict with a peer and how you addressed it.

    4. Tell us about an experience in which you disagreed with an authority figure and how you handled it.


    Also, I agree with the previous posters...definitely ask questions when given the opportunity. And not necessarily the typical 'gee whiz' questions either. I mean, those are fine, but do your homework about the school and ask a question that'll knock their socks off and help them to remember you when it comes time to make selections. I got an immediate positive reaction when I did this which made me feel really good about the whole interview

    Above anything, make eye contact, be interested and engaged, relax and don't be afraid to SMILE
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    I think the interview questions really depend upon what type of program you are entering...AA, BSN, or MSN.

    I have an interview for the MSN program at my California school TOMORROW and I am really nervous!!!!!
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    Hey Shopgurl,

    My interviews were for MSN programs too! Anyhow good luck and if you want to check out some of the questions that my MSN programs asked me then here is the link.
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    thank you so much for taking the time to find this info and put it up here. i have an interview at unf for their nursing program and i have been so nervous. This really gives me something to work with and hopefully will give me more confidence going in. Thanks
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    Hi Meche,

    I know that you posted this message since 2005 , but noticed that you ahd an interview for the nursing program back then and same thing happened to me. Did dyou end up getting in? what kind of questions did they ask you? was it brief? i know that the application process doesnt require an interview , most people get in without having to do one. please , if you still come to this site , could you please give me any advise?
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    Hi yah
    I'm 17 and I recently got accepted into my dream nursing school in Surrey, England and I had 5 interview stages to pass and I thought some were easy and some were hard. But this year in England, the universities had to raise the bar, because they had so many applicants, so interviewing applicants was their only way to pick people.

    ~ Tips:

    Don't be nervous! just relax and be yourself
    When you answer the questions think them through first and answer slowly and at your own pace. You don't have to rush
    Go to bed early the night before your interview. Having a clear head and a good's night sleep will help
    Dont think about the interview too much and don't get worried. Just relax and everything will be fine

    Questions they asked me. I still rememeber lol (: oh and btw, I'm studying Child Nursing. Questions:

    1. Why have you chosen to study nursing?
    2. Why have you chosen to study child nursing instead of adult nursing, mental nursing and disabilty nursing?
    3. What qualities those a nurse need to have?
    4. What is the role of the nurse?
    5. How would you deal with rude patient?
    6. How would you deal with rude staff who are being mean to you?

    Scenarios I got asked:

    1. You are project manager and looking after nursing students. They have a project to do and one person in the group never comes to class and never does the work, but still expects to pass. Everyone else in the group is annoyed and says he should pass. What would you do? and how would you handle the suitation?
    2. Who would you give the job to?[I had to pick out of 3 candidates and say why I would pick them and why not]
    3. Who would you give the organ to? [I had to pick out of 3 patients and say whhich person I would give it to and why]
    4. What route and plan would you take? [I had to pick out of 3 travel options and say why]

    Role play:

    In my interview I had to do drama and I am so shy and I thought I would crumble, but everything went good and I passed. Anyways, I had to do drama with one of the lecturers. Him and his children went on holiday and I was supposed to look after their rabbit but it went missing and now he's back and his children want to see their rabbit. What do I say and what did I do? It was like a mini conversation and I just said what happened, what I tried to do, I'm still looking for the rabbits and I will tell your kids, ect! it was just a role play but the most important one.

    Anyways, I passed all of the 5 stages and the exams (: whoo-hoo! I was nervous and there was no need, everything went fine.

    Good luck with your interview! *hugs*

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