Nursing school interview

  1. I am going to the interview on feb for RN program at a nursing school. I wasn't accepted last time because they only accepted 60 people, even though they said my gpa only need to be 2.0 and i don't need to get any requirements done before accepting to sschool. but anyway i didn't get accepted, i want to try one more time this time. I am really nervous because there are tons of other students are better than me. I always feel that i am going to fail agaiin. does anyone has any idea about what questions they going to ask in the interview?
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  3. by   zoe92
    I went to a nursing school interview. They asked me such things as why do I want to be a nurse, what are my career goals, and explain the different types of volunteer experiences I've had. Just prepare yourself these types of questions and what sort of answers you can prepare that is truthful and well articulated.
  4. by   Mewsin
    My interview also asked if I knew the job prospects after I was done completing the program, as well as the starting wage, and what hours you would be working. I think it was just to ensure that you had actually looked into nursing and making sure it would fit with your lifestyle. We were also asked how we planned on funding the program.