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I have a question. I took 3 social science classes and got a "C" but for my anatomy and physiology, i got a "B". Should i retake the social science classes or the anatomy classes? Your answer... Read More

  1. by   nwnursing
    Portland has a VERY competitive nursing school environment. Do some research on OCNE schools (Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education | Home) as well as the other schools. I got into nursing schools with a 4.0 on my pre-reqs, which is what they evaluate for the OCNE schools, but was wait listed at two other schools in town with a 3.6 overall GPA.

    At this point, before deciding what classes to repeat, I would do more research on the schools and programs.
  2. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    No why would you take your anatomy and physiology over and you got a B honey that is a great grade. Majority of schools look at your overall GPA and mainly your sciences. Your other classes matter but, what is the most important is to try to get an A or B in your sciences, not have too many withdraws and failed classes on your transcript, etc. Try to keep all of your grades high for every class especially your sciences good luck
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    You are awesome. Thank you so much
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    I appreciate your help. Thank you so much
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    I agree
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    It would be better to make a decision after finding out the impact on the program(s) you are considering. You do not want to make a move that might jeopardize your ability to be admitted, yet, on the other hand, you will want to repeat, if it seems prudent. Investigate the prospective programs first.

    Thank you for your response
  7. by   nursingdreamer7
    I think that what everyone is trying to say is that you must consider individual school requirements. For example, where I live in northern Cali, some schools look at cumulative GPA. Others look at only prenursing classes. Other schools want a certain cumulative and a certain science GPA. Please do yourself a favor and go to each schools website to learn their requirements. Go to info sessions also to learn more about program requirements.

    Thank you
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    Thank you for replying.