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Should I be concerned that my local community college their minimum requirement for a nursing instructor is a bachelors degree with two years of experience. It said MSN was preferred but does that... Read More

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    I had an ASN instructor...yes I looked up the "Nurse Practice Act' in my state and it's not legal.
    My experience is.... working as a nurse and/or having a Master's degree does not make you a good instructor.
    Teaching is a SKILL that has to be developed. Being good at something does not always translate to being a good teacher, nor does having a higher degree.
    Too many people want to be teacher, yet don't have what it takes. Sad there is already a shortage of instructors.

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    It depends on the state, in Indiana you must have a BSN to teach LPNs and below. Anything above LPN requires a MSN in nursing education. Clinical instructors are a whole different beast
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    Quote from Austincb
    No more education doesn't equal better instructors but I do feel some classes on education and students learning would be appropriate. I'm going to meet with advisor tomorrow will ask her.
    In my state, an instructor must have a degree one level above that which they are teaching, so a BSN can legally teach at the CC level.

    Keep in mind that education classes and student learning models are usually only included for Nurse Educator MSN programs. Most MSNs do not choose the NE concentration. In fact, at my school only one had an NE MSN; all others chose various NP concentrations.
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    Also, just because the school lists the minimum requirements for the positions, that doesn't mean they are actually hiring instructors who only meet the minimum requirements. In my experience teaching in ADN and BSN programs, faculty members have all had much more than the minimum requirements (in terms of clinical experience, at least) for the positions they were in.
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    My conclusion after thinking about this for days is this, if we don't succeed it is reflected in the school pass rates with the Bon so I know they do want that for us! We also have those things called books:/ I can listen to lecture but I have to go back and read my books as well!!!

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