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If I am struggling (borderline failing) with "Art Appreciation" (online course) will I struggle with Nursing School?? I e-mailed my Art instructor to let her know that I wasn't grasping the... Read More

  1. by   umbdude
    I think you should drop the class if it's going to bring down your GPA. On the other hand, you should do fine in nursing school if your sciences are okay.

    I think your instructor does have a good point though. The "thinking" that is needed in science courses is basically learning the techniques and apply them to solve problems. We're usually given x and y, and ask to find z. Critical thinking is a bit different. You assess the evidence, assumptions, and implications, then build an argument or offer alternatives. Answers aren't absolute like those in sciences/math, which led to the misconception that it's subjective. I guess that science would require this type of thinking when you reach a higher level and in research. I know that business requires this kind of skill when you're performing research; non-research workers, which are usually at lower level in an organization, typically are the problem-solvers.

    If you're going to continue with the class, asking her about the framework used to answer questions might be helpful. You can't always find answers within a text, but you can learn how to methodically think through the questions. For example, when analyzing literature you can build a framework (getting background info on characters, historical context, author, symbols, themes etc.) and offer your argument or conclusions around them. You might be able to do the same with art.
  2. by   RED1984

    I passed ART with a 93% (A)

    now, onto my English and Speech classes in Summer II.... and finally....begin my journey to RN at the end of August