Need your thoughts...accelerated or regular pace?

  1. I currently have a degree in Education and have completed all the pre-reqs for nursing. I applied to an accelerated program, but my GPA(3.8) and Kaplan(79) may not be competetive enough. I am borderline and the advisor said that the same scores would probabaly be accepted into their regular nursing program. I find out in a couple of weeks whether I am accepted or not to the accelerated program, so here's my dilemma. If I'm not accepted, do I try for the two year(5 semester) program or wait a year and shoot for the accelerated slot again? What is the biggest difference as far as scheduling between a 5 semester program and a 12 month accelerated?
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  3. by   HammockBound
    Traditional bsn here is about 12 hours per semester with one summer off. The accelerated is 16, 19 and then 20 hours in the last semester.
  4. by   CDEWannaBe
    If you don't get into the accelerated then apply for the traditional program. Waiting another year won't improve your GPA. I think it's silly to waste money retaking classes to get increase your GPA if you can be accepted right away into the other program.

    The advantage with a traditional program is you may still be able to work a few hours. And you can definitely get a summer job. Accelerated programs are pretty brutal and the 2 people I've known who did them said it wasn't possible to work while doing the accelerated.
  5. by   combsj25
    I have to say that I agree with the pp. If you are not accepted I would try the traditional route versus waiting another year and then.... still face not getting in. If nursing is what you want to do - then I would take the first available route to making that happen. If you start the traditional program when would you finish? vs. if you had to wait a year and IF you get in when would you finish? Is there really much of a difference in completion time?

    Secondly, your GPA is great. Are there any other options for an accelerated program you can apply to?

    Finally, I know this is easier said than done. Trust me I have been where you are many times in the past several months. I am trying to make decisions on so many what ifs and plan Bs and etc. And it turned out for me that my Plan A worked out and I realized I was stressing too much about making decisions that I never even had to make. So my final piece of advice is relax and wait for your decision on this accelerated program!! My fingers are crossed for you. Good Luck!!
  6. by   PediatricRNTX
    Traditional!!!!!!!!!!! I did accelerated and yes I got it done, BUT I worked (study,hw,clinicals, class) literally sun up to sun down seven days a week for a whole yr....I have a bsn in nursing...BUT I feel like I lack lots of skill...for example, In traditional prog u spend semesters at pedi bedside clinical...I did a total of 6 days pedi clinical..there just isn't any time!! So which nurse do u think will be more prepared for real nursing?

    I sometimes feel like I struggle to keep up w skills cause school was such a crash course! Just saying...#New nurse