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Need to register asap...Please help

  1. 0 Hey everyone I am new here. I am currently enrolled in a community college. I am in the process of taking my pre reqs. I have taken English 101, Anthropology,Interpersonal Communications, Physical Ed, and Political Science. I need to register classes for the Spring semester, and need 12 units and I am stuck... I am in still in Algebra 1 and can not continue to the sciences until I get to Algebra 3.... Please help with other classes I should take for nursing that would help me. Thank You for your time and help I am so stuck on what I should/need to take...
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    I would say statistics if you will need it for your BSN; psychology 101, growth and development class, cultural class, Junior english(which you will need to take at a 4 year college), nutrition class, a humanties course as well
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    Maybe a public speaking class?
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    I would speak with an advisor at your school. They can inform you of the classes required for your nursing program and can help you put together a schedule with the classes that you need specific to your school.
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    Psychology, sociology, nutrition to name a few....I would sit with an advisor.
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    I third the recommendation to speak to an advisor. But in the mean time, you can look into completing the non-science courses you will need: human development (can be psych), nutrition and statistics. Most of the nursing programs seem to have the same pre-reqs so if you look up one, it can give you a good idea. I've also seen some schools suggest medical terminology and biomedical ethics. Good luck!
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    Every college is different, so I also recommend seeing an advisor, but it seems that many programs require statistics, general psychology, abnormal psychology, health and human development, nutrition, cultural communications, and some type of ethics/sociology/cultural anthropology class.
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    Thank you for all the help and suggestions. I did meet with a counselor just seemed like they were offering classes that I did not need I took Speech Interpersonal communications, and Pysch 1 and Life span. Although I have not taken Sociology think I shall try that class So Thank you for the suggestions. Greatly appreciate them
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    Sociology, maybe Humanities. Did u do you nursing pre-reqs? Anatomy,Physio Microbio? also you can take a chem 1 class