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  1. I just got done sitting with my counselor about my classes and grades. For me to make the requirements for the rn program at my school I need an overall 3.0 gpa for my science classes. She said to meet that requirement I need to pass a&p 2 ( which I am currently taking) with an A, and then micro 260 with an A. I am very very stressed out about this. I never do good on my lecture exams, but I always get As on my lab exams. Any suggestions or advice to pass these classes with an A? Also, all my other science classes I have passed with Bs or B-
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  3. by   kenadi
    Find a good study group!! That's what I had to do to pass it!!
  4. by   dt70
    Use the schools tutoring service/lab. Visit the instructor. Ask short direct questions. They know Exactly what you need to know and the level of comprehension they are looking for. Don't ever mention grades to the instructor. Don't live there either.
    You can do it.
  5. by   pmabraham
    Good day, Melissa92H:

    I've found tape recording lectures, and re-listening to the lecture every chance I get helpful. Read the material before and after class in sections; don't go onto the next section until you understand the section you've been reading. Ask questions in class, answer questions in class (even when you are wrong, you are finding out what is the right answer). Consider joining a small, organized study group (if not organized, drop ship fast on the study group), as DT70 shared, see a tutor.

    Also, consider seeing your professor taking your notebook and book along showing how you take notes (do this as early on in the semester; after 1st class best), and ask them if they would change anything in terms of what notes you've taken.

    Ask yourself why you do well in labs... is it because it's hands on? If yes, then find a hands on way for lecture. You can do it.

    Thank you.
  6. by   prettydoll123
    Find a tutor. Tape record. STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! I also use youtube when I need some extra help. Maybe you just dont understand the way your professor teaches certain things. There are many recorded lectures on various topics on YouTube.