Need help to figure out about the nursing program

  1. I'm currently attending UT Tyler and I've finished all my pre-req I have a 3.5 GPA and the big issue is I failed the reading part of the teas test which I didn't expect I expected that from the math well anyways I heard it is pretty competitive and well honestly I don't want to get my hopes up if I know it will be difficult for me to get in but just need to know if the is like a certain amount of points I need to be able to he it I'm sitting on 78
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    Hello I am also a Pre-Nursing student. I applied to the UT TYLER-Palestine campus and I'm frightened! The lady said that letters should go out sometime next week...I missed the English section by 5 points but I scored an 87 on the math section. I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa with a GPA of 3.7; I applied to the program early because I wanted to see what would happen...I have 17 hours that I am currently taking as of the spring semester and I will graduate from TVCC in July. With all this being said I am still afraid this wont be enough. How do we total our TEAS points?!!!! I have 74 points without the TEAS pouts added in. Even though I find out if I get accepted next week I'm just so anxious!!! Send plenty feedback Pre-Nursing students and good luck!!

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    Well anyways I don't feel much confidence on getting in because I failed the TEAS and even though I had people tell me there's some students that made the cut without passing their TEAS but I don't know if there was a special situation with them. Another question the students from Palestine apply for the same program in Tyler? Or do they do their own program because if its that way were talking about atleast +250 students applying for a 120 student enrollment which gets me thinking I won't make it and well about the the points just make an appointment because I tried doing them myself and it didn't work out I talk with Renee lampkin and she sent me up I still need to add my teas points also so I don't know what's the "threshold" to get it
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    Points for TEAS are figured as such:

    Take reading score percentage & multiply by 5. ( i.e. .87 x 5)
    Take math score percentage & multiply by 3. (i.e. .90 x 3)

    If I get in, I will be shocked. I am currently taking 2 sciences and will be be core complete and receive my Associates in May, but can't count any points for any of the above since I was not finished at time of application. Hoping to apply for Spring 2014 entry if I don't have enough to be accepted this go round.

    Unless I decide to just apply to UT Arlington's online BSN program.

    Good luck to us all!!
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