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  1. 0 Medical math, medical terminology, and pathophysiology are not required for the nursing program at my school. I was still thinking about taking them because I hear that it will help me succeed in the nursing program. Any thoughts?? I would really appreciate some advice because I'm not really sure if I should take them or not!
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    If you could, I would suggest you squeezing one class in each semester. Med term would be extremely helpful- I took it in high school. I would personally go for med math because I'm not so good at math. As for patho, it's required for my school's nursing program so I have no choice but to take it. They will all be pretty helpful once you enter nursing school. If you can't take them all decide which one would be more beneficial for you and go for it!
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    I would definitely take pathophysiology, if nothing else. Most nursing schools require it. It will explain how all the diseases you'll commonly come in contact with occur and help keep A&P fresh in your mind! I also personally find it to be a fun class...pathophysiology is essentially the study of disease!
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    They just took pathophysiology out of the curriculum this semester. I was still going to take it but I also heard taking medical math would really help. I'm taking nutrition next semester and was going to take medical math along with it but I'm not sure if I should add another class to that work load or not.

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