MSN direct entry pre-req classes- no chem???

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I'm fairly new writing a topic and all, but I've been eyeballing this website for a couple of months and it's been pretty helpful so far. Here is some background information about me: I graduated from UCI with a bachelors in Psychology June 2012, and since then, I've been taking pre-req classes to hopefully apply to direct entry MSN programs. So far, I have taken microbiology w/ lab, anatomy w/ lab, general chemistry w/ lab (1 semester only), and am currently taking nutrition, oral communications/speech, and physiology w/ lab. I have already satisfied other social sciences and stats classes during my stay at UCI.

    My question is- do you guy know of any direct entry MSN programs that don't require chemistry or only require one semester of chemistry? I looked into some schools and I'm a nervous wreck because it seems like a lot of the schools require 2 semesters of general chemistry, O chem, AND even biochemistry. The Community college I go to doesn't offer the second sequence to general chem, so I'm a little screwed if a lot of direct entry MSN programs require this..

    Do you guys know of any schools that don't have chem as a pre-req? I would really like to apply this year and not have to wait another year to take more classes. Thank you so much!
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  3. by   lauraline
    Yay! Hello fellow anteater alumni

    Check out USF.
    University of San Francisco (USF) - MSN Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) for Non-nurse

    I graduated from UCI as a Crim/Law major. Nursing is going to be a career change for me. I'm also applying to RN programs, but only in Nor Cal. I really want to get my MSN at USF, but I'm going to get my ADN at CCSF first (hopefully).

    I am still working on a few more prerequisites at the moment, so I haven't submitted my application yet, except for the ADN program at CCSF. And turns out my lottery number is pretty good, so I may be on my way to being a RN soon. Then I will bridge from RN to MSN at USF whenever I'm ready. The reason I am doing it this way, is because I really don't want to wait around until Fall 2014 to start nursing school (considering I may not even get in the first time around--who knows!). The direct entry MSN programs are super hard to get into. I have friends who have near 4.0s + volunteer work + CNA experience, etc. and they didn't get in. So, I decided that I'll take whatever I can get into. Sounds sort of sad but that is my strategy anyway.

    Good luck!

    P.S. Be careful of which speech class you take, because some are not transferable or the same as what they want. I ended up having to take 2 different ones (interpersonal communication AND oral speaking) because some require one or the other. is helpful.
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    Ohio State doesn't require chemistry if your search includes schools outside of California.