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Hey all I am taking Microbiology and A&P 2 for the spring of 2013. I wanted to open this thread to people who may be possibly taking 1 or both of these classes as a way to help each other out or give feed back. I am applying to... Read More

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    Mine is also 2x a week + lab. I have the same instructor for lecture and lab which is great. I've had science classes before when I've had lab with a different professor and it made the whole learning experience nightmarish. Also, out of the 7 teachers I could have gotten I got the best one! The best reviews online and from what my past science teachers say students in her class always succeed!

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    I took both Micro and A&P II at MXC. Micro was a bit rough due to the professor and his teaching style but basically it was a pretty cool class. A&P II was a breeze, very interesting learning how everything works. You're going to rock both of those classes. If you need any help let us know. I'm here for you! Good Luck!
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    I am currently taking Microbiology and A&P II this semester too. We just had our first exam, which covered the first 3 chapters and I bombed it. Our teacher is very vague and not very helpful. Any suggestions on the best way to study Micro? I need to get an A in this class to secure a spot in our nursing program in July since it's limited seating. Right now I have a 4.0 and these are the last 2 classes I need before going into the program. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Any study tips for Micro?
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    Quote from Jennifer Sapp
    Any study tips for Micro?
    I read the chapters before I go into class thoroughly. That way, in class, even if the professor is vauge, you know what she's talking about since you previewed the material. I take notes during class and then re write them after class. This was I'm dealing with the material 3x a day.

    I'm also taking A&PI and doing the same study method for that class.
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    Quote from Jennifer Sapp
    Any study tips for Micro?
    I plan on recording my lectures, taking good notes and then re-writing them when I get home and filling in the blanks with any relevant material from the textbook. Also, youtube videos are wonderful for any concepts that may be unclear.
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    I'm taking it this semester as well. I took A&P II last semester and got an A in it but it was difficult for me to get it and now with micro, there's no multi choice questions on the tests or bonus points so eeek! Lol I'm just going to study every minute of my day that I'm not working or sleeping. Also, I'm recording my lectures(I've always done that), and taking meticulous notes an also making index cards. Whew! :-)
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    How's everyone doing in Micro so far? I had my first test yesterday on 4 chapters, I managed a B. I didn't study as effectively as I would have liked to but hopefully I'll see where I went wrong and get an A next time.
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    I'm doing well so far!. I have A's in both lecture and lab. Got a 100% on my lab report on the Ubiquity of Microorganisms! Another test on Saturday (2 last Saturday). It is tough only going once a week.
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    Hi Jennifer sapp I wonder if we are related lol we have the same last name!

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