Microbiology Online Spring 2009

  1. Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ, has just added a totally online microbiology course including the laboratory. I have signed up for the course that begins in January 2009. I live in Ocean County so I get the in county rate which is dirt cheap $92 per credit. A "Hands-On" lab (LabPaq) is actually shipped to your house for an extra $240 and a microscope for $163. I took their A&P II online so I already had the microscope.

    I work full time so this is going to be great for this single Mom. The instructor who teaches the course says that he has students from all over the US signing up for the course. He will be offering this course every semester including summers. I took him before for Contemporary Health online so I know he is one of the best professors that I have ever had. He has won awards for his online courses.

    My recommendation, If you need a way to take microbiology totally online, it has just arrived! You will not be sorry.

    Jersey Nursing Girl
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  3. by   afranklin
    If only I had known about this Before I signed up to drive 50 miles, One way to take

    this class Over d/t over 5 years old! Then, again I'm wondering if it would transfer?
  4. by   Lucky Latina
    Hey Jersey Nursing Girl,

    I also just signed up for Microbiology Online at Ocean County College. Maybe we can be study partners online.

    I am borrowing a microscope from a student who had A&P online this semester. Make sure you get the oil immersion lens with your microscope, that way you can actually see the bacteria. She loved learning online.

    I work full-time days next semester so this will save me the night commute. Are you in the OCC One Day per Week Program?

    Is anyone else taking this course or had experience taking a microbiology course totally online?

    Lucky Latina
  5. by   hartwellparker
    Hello I live in Dallas county and looking for an online nursing school for LPN.. Does anyone know of any they could recommend??
  6. by   Tanguera
    I have a Supertek Microscope that I purchased from www.athomescience.com and used it for an online microbiology course. Contact me if you still need a microscope.

    600X Microscope with Adjustable Stage - Supertek Microscope (Like New)
    This is a 600 power monocular optical microscope. It was designed to require minimum maintenance and includes 4X, 10X, and 40X achromatic objective lenses and a 15X eyepiece with pointer. This is a low-maintenance, high-quality microscope that comes with an adjustable, co-axial mechanical stage that facilitates locating and moving specific slide sections into the viewing area. This is especially useful when using an oil immersion lens or when working at high powers of magnification.
    It has rack and pinion dual coarse and fine focus with built-in slip-clutch to protect the focusing mechanism and adjustable focusing tension. It also has a 4x4-inch stage with slide clips, sub stage adjustable diaphragm aperture, and sub stage light condenser. A safe LED light is included for illumination. Included is the Puck-Light Illuminator which can be used by removing the microscope's mirror and placing the puck light in the base of the microscope.
    Included is a 100X Immersion Lens as well as Immersion Oil. This 100-power, spring loaded, achromatic oil immersion lens in combination with a standard 15x wide-field eyepiece of the microscope produces 1500 power of magnification.
    Included are slides, blank slides, cover slips, and lens paper. I can also provide safranin, crystal violet stains, goggles, and some other related items that may be used for experiments.
    This microscope was the suggested microscope used for the General Microbiology Course (BIOL 216) at Cayuga Community College, NY for Fall Semester 2008. It was purchased in September 2008 and used at a private home for one semester for fewer than a dozen experiments. I am selling this for $140 (or best offer) if picked up from Queens, NY. I have the original box it came in and would be willing to ship it so long as you cover the full price for shipping. Please contact me with any questions you may have.
  7. by   kdisipio07
    Hi everyone!
    I am taking the micro class in the spring along with anp 2 and i was wondering if anyone had the 600x microscope with the oil immersion lenses that they are not using anymore that your willing to sell. so if anyone has anything that can help me out id appreciate it!
  8. by   kdisipio07
    hi could you please email me with info about the microscope !
    kdisipio07@yahoo.com Thanks!
  9. by   Tanguera
    online access to “the microbiology place” which accompanies tortora, microbiology: an introduction, 9e, pearson education online.
    i will provide the login name, password, as well as security question to access the site. you can then change the password and security question. this will grant access to tortora, microbiology: an introduction, 9e and pearson education's research navigator which will expire on october 5, 2009. this is the log in screen: http://wps.aw.com/bc_tfc_microplace_9 i am selling this for $22 since it is good for the next 10 months.
    i used this for my online microbiology course at cayuga community college for fall 2008. it was extremely helpful and pretty much like having the test before taking the test!!
    please contact with any questions.

    among the resources you will find:
    • objectives help you focus on the key concepts to master in each chapter.
    • interactive tutorials help you understand the more challenging concepts. each tutorial walks through a microbial concept and offers immediate feedback on exercises.
    • activities are designed to review and test your understanding of concepts in microbiology. build biomolecules, investigate aids and hiv, simulate a bioreactor, and more.
    • case studies challenge you to apply what you've learned to real-life case histories. determine the effectiveness of a food preservative, investigate an outbreak of food poisoning, practice genetic engineering, and more.
    • chapter quizzes are made up of 40 quiz questions for each chapter. the quizzes are in true/false, multiple-choice, and fill-in-the-blank format.
    • microbe review questions ask you to interact with a figure from the textbook. each chapter contains 5-10 multiple-choice questions.
    • practice tests are intended to help you asses your mastery of chapter topics. there are 20 multiple-choice questions per chapter.
    • animations explore key concepts in microbiology. each animation follows a consistent format, beginning with a general overview, followed by step-by-step explorations in clickable hotspots that allow you to interact with the microscopic world.
    • flashcards are an excellent way to review key terms and concepts from the text.
    • the glossary provides definitions of key terms throughout the textbook. access an audio pronunciation guide on the pronunciation page.
    • the johnson/case lab supplement provides critical thinking questions accompanied by photos of lab specimens and cultures to test your understanding of lab results.
    • videos feature microorganisms in action, illustrating microbial structures and motility.
    • web links and in the news point you to interesting microbiology news and resources on the web, serving as springboards for further exploration.
    • research navigator is an unparalleled collection of searchable databases, including access to the new york times science pages and archives. you'll also find valuable research guidelines, such as tips on how to start the research process, evaluating and citing sources, and more.
    • pose questions and receive answers from the author: microbiologist and professor christine l. case on the ask the author page.
    • careers contains useful information about working in a microbiology-related field. basic research, applied research, and health professions are presented.
    • e-book is your link to the complete online text version of microbiology: an introduction 9thed.
    • instructor resources takes you to the catalog page for microbiology: an introduction 9th ed.
  10. by   gemarcellus
    DO you still have? Do you use paypal? gem278@email.vccs.edu
  11. by   Tanguera
    Yeah, I still have this. I will send you an e-mail through paypal.
  12. by   lbarsock
    would like to know if micro(tortora) still avaiable if so please contact me @ lbarsock@msn.com for fast reply ...
    thanks !
  13. by   Tanguera
    So sorry Ibarsock but I know longer have it!! Good luck!
  14. by   atp23
    For people that have taken the OCC Microbiology class online: How is it structured? Can you work at your own pace (are there specified days/times to take tests or can you work ahead)? There is a 5 week summer class and I am wondering how intensive it will be as I am already taking 3 other classes during the same time. Ok thanks so much.