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Microbiology Online! HELP!!

  1. 0 I enrolled for micro online this semester because my college only had two lecture classes and both of them did not fit with my schedule. I would say that I am a good student overall but this class is killing me! I scored a 59(first F ever!!!) on my first unit exam and have a massive amount of anxiety for the next. I am currently enrolled in a&p 2 and lab, micro and lab, med term and dev psych. I am contemplating the horrible W (withdraw) because I am afraid that I wont do well and it would affect my GPA. Any pointers please? I would really appreciate it.
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    If you are feeling overwhelmed, a W on your transcript is much better than a D or F. Withdraw if you think you have too much on your plate for this semester. If you decide to stick with the class, does your school have a tutoring center you can go to or even supplemental instruction? These can be really helpful especially for a challenging online course. I would also email the instructor and see where you went wrong on the exam so you can fix your mistakes. I personally think the first exam is always the hardest because you don't know the teacher's testing style yet. Good luck!
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    I find online classes are really hard to test in. Mostly because in lecture a professor is more likely to speak on what they're testing on (of course not always) where as in online, you have to teach yourself everything. You may just not be focusing on the right stuff. What had you messed up? I'm taking micro now too.
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    I had a hard time with Mico. It was and is my only "C" on my transcript. I couldn't imagine taking it with A&P II and others. You have two classes that require a lot of reading and studying to prepare for. I took two other courses that semester but they were flex term and were not as demanding. I hope you can turn it around if not I would drop.