MCPHS help!!

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    I just got accepted into the 16 mo. BSN program in Worcester for spring 2014. I am hesitant to put down a deposit because I am reading horrible student reviews... Is anyone else in this situation or have advice?

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    For me, personally, I didn't choose to apply to MCPHS because of the total cost of the program and it not being one of the more reputable ones like UMass Boston. Was that the only school you applied to?
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    Thank you for your response! I applied to a four other programs in the midwest, and was wait-listed at a program in Denver. It looks like tuition for this school will be about $54,000. What would the cost be for other programs?
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    I'm starting in the January cohort. I haven't heard any bad student reviews, I know a couple of girls who are graduating from the program at the end of this semester who all recommended the program. Accelerated programs sound miserable wherever you go - its a lot of information in a short amount of time. I applied to pretty much all of the accelerated programs in MA, they were all roughly around the same price except for UMass Boston, but that wouldn't be the case for you as an out of state student.

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