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Hey everyone! I am currently an EMT-B here in Arizona and I'm having trouble deciding on which is a better route to take. I can become a Paramedic in 10 months and take a Paramedic to RN bridge program for my associates OR I... Read More

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    Very successful... Ivy Tech's overall NCLEX pass rates are pretty sad: http://www.in.gov/pla/files/Locked_C...l_Programs.xls
    I noticed one of the P->RN programs, Columbus, has 4 year average pass rate of 66%, several standard deviations below the national average. How on earth has the school kept their accreditation?

    Also, I noticed the Paramedic->ASN program is 5 semesters long (in addition to paramedic) versus a tradition ASN program from Ivy Tech, which is 6 semesters long. Thus, only one semester is saved (and it usually takes more than one semester to become a medic).

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