Lower GPA student, having trouble getting into a school for my RN Lower GPA student, having trouble getting into a school for my RN | allnurses

Lower GPA student, having trouble getting into a school for my RN

  1. 0 I ask here for advice on what to do with my situation. I applied to 3 community colleges in Oregon this year and got rejected to all of them. I wasn't surprised much since my GPA is not as competitive as a 4.0

    I've worked as a CNA for 3 years -and loving my job and the people I help-I want to continue my dream to become an RN. I personally believe that I have the competency skills and heart to work as an RN. It saddens me when I see people who SHOULDN'T be nurses with the RN badge on their uniform - and trust me, I've met plenty. Even lazy CNAs that are terrible with patients, yet still got into nursing school. Feels like a kick to the face!

    Anywho, I am a hopeless-scholar. My gpa of 3.3 did not land me anywhere, and I will have to take my pre-reqs all over (I got pretty much all B's, and 5 A's).

    I am skipping the LPN --- RN bridge since I'm afraid I'd get stuck to being an LPN (which isn't bad at all, but I skipped that chance 3 years ago).

    Is there any advice for someone in my position?

    Edit : I forgot to add something important. Upon taking classes in my younger years, I did not take school seriously. I have a history of bad grades, but the improvement is obvious and visible. So, my transcript looks a little scary at first...
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    Apply to BSN programs or to private institutions were they look not just at your grades but what you've done with your life.

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    I don't think a 3.3 is a terrible GPA
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    Gpacalculator.net will tell you exactly what you need to do to raise your GPA. Try some programs that give points for experience. Your GPA is not terrible. I too have GPA issues. I suffered from an eating disorder in my younger years and I have a FAILED semester in my past. I've worked my butt off to grade replace. Taking 20 unit semesters. (My core prerequisite classes plus 1 grade replacement). I did it! I am rocking a 3.67 now! You can fix it!