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Losing Hope.

  1. 0 I transferred to a new school to try to get into their nursing program. The program is extremely competitive and they only give you three shots to apply. I'm way too petrified to apply in fear that I am going to be rejected. I had a 3.8 GPA at my old school, and I began attending my new school. I got stuck in 2 classes with professors that were less than good (everyone did horrible in the classes) and now my GPA is a 2.68. I am taking two classes that don't even put me above half-time status because I've taken everything that I can. So many of my classes from my old school were accepted as credits, but I don't get the benefit GPA-wise from the good grades I received in those classes. I have the government basically pushing all my student loan debt on me because I don't know what to take or do anymore. I want my BSN in nursing but am losing hope that I even can anymore. I want nothing more than this, but I don't know what to do anymore. Any advice?
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    Is there any way you can retake those two classes you didn't do well in?
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    How can 2 classes drop you more than 1 point in GPA? Unless you failed or something i'm pretty sure you can make the grades up.
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    I'm sorry you're having a rough time. Thoughts... Can you retake the classes to bring your GPA up? Then apply and see what happens. You can't know for sure that you won't get in until you try. Also, are there other schools that you can apply to? Do you have ​to get into this one?

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