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  1. I am applying for a nursing program starting Fall of 2012, and I'm curious if anyone has input of how helpful letters of recommendation are. I am currently a certified medical assistant at a clinic, and the two family practice MDs have written solid letters of recommendation for me. I'm curious to which degree this may help me. I'm applying at North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.
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  3. by   Nurse2b7337
    I'm not in a nursing program yet. However, any letters of recommendation you can gather together could do nothing but help you!! Yu must've be an excellent worker to have the MD's write letters for you. Are they supportive of you starting the program? You could possibly get a job with them after you get your degree. Way to go and the best of luck with you.
  4. by   am207
    Thank you so much!! The doctors I work with are nothing but supportive of me, and they really are encouraging any further education I can do. They really feel I have potential and are impressed with the work and skills and knowledge I have, so I'm hoping that's conveyed in the letters and they won't be overlooked. I'm just really nervous because I have a 2.81 GPA and everyone that I've known to get into the program so far has had a GPA of over 3.

    We'll see!

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement!!
  5. by   amchugh209
    Letters of rec from MD's will definitely help you! Good luck!
  6. by   xzalense
    I think my letters really helped my application. They were from case managers and RNs. Although MDs are nice, I'm not sure if they would necessarily be better than RNs. Remember, RNs know what their job tasks are and can accurately judge whether or not you can do it.
  7. by   am207
    That thought has crossed my mind, however I work at a clinic where there are no RNs. Thanks though!
  8. by   tas026
    Letters of recommendation from any medical professional really will do you wonders! Two out of three of my letters of recommendation were written by nurses. I think that schools love to see that you are already networking with other medical professionals. I also know that my 3rd letter of recommendation (by my high school guidance counselor) explained a bad grade that I got in AP biology in my junior year. She explained that I tried really hard, but there were certain circumstances that pretty much set me up to fail. She also said that she was really confident that I could succeed. I'm guessing that your letters of recommendation could also help to "erase" anything bad that could be on your application.
  9. by   am207
    Thank you for the encouraging words!!! Although a recommendation from a nurse would be so much more relevant, there are no RNs at my clinic. I'm hoping they strengthen my application! EEE!