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  1. 0 I see a lot of posts about people asking about microbiology and chemistry. It's comforting to know that since I am a lab tech and I have been for 4 years that it will be easier for me. Although since I took all of the chemistrys and microbiologies for my AS I don't think I would have to take them again right? I think the only thing I haven't taken that is talked about frequently on here is A&P. I have to take that for RN AND for my IBCLC so. Ready to rock that too
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    It depends on the school and how old the credits are. Some schools say "within the past 5 years" and some accept older credits than that.
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    The general policy standard for science credits (especially lab) is five years, especially since this s constantly changing/updating fluid subject. What was standard 7 years ago had often been significantly changed by current research and experience.
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    Consider doing BSN.