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  1. OK, I pulled the trigger today and got registered for Chemistry I.

    Maybee this is my mid-life crisis, but I am tired of what I have been doing for most of the last 20yrs, and need a change of pace. I have thought about nursing for a while now, and have worked around hospitals (in the construction field) for quite a few years now. It seems to me like a secure career move; something I think I could enjoy; I like helping people; etc, etc.

    I went back to college 5 years ago and finished my Bachelor of Science in Business Adminstration. Now I am thinking of the Accelerated BSN program at MU. I haven't had any of the Pre-Req's (Chemistry, Nutrition, Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology) and need to have 4 of 6 by December prior to admission. I kind of see this a dipping my toe in the water, but I am excited at the same time! So many thought have been racing through my head that I have a hard time keeping a grasp on what I'm really doing. ... This could be the first step in a major life change!

    Is there any advice out there for pitfalls I should avoid? I have enjoyed reading a lot of the posts here on allnurses. (especially relating to male nurses!) What is a good career move to get into the medical field? What would be the best stepping stone to transition into nursing? My biggest fear is taking a big paycut to make the transition because I still have a family to support.

    Thanks for any advice, and Keep up the great posts!
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  3. by   neonatal_nurse
    Welcome to our world!

    Be aware though, that before you become an RN you have to spend a LOT. Tuition fees are not cheap unless you get a loan or a scholarship, not to mention the books, medical-surgical, ob etc. have 2 volumes so that's a bit costly.

    You will spend long hours studying, doing your clinicals, exams and all hard work. There are no shortcuts. You have to go through them.

    And of course, your life will change. You will experience the extremes of all emotions- frustration, disappointment, fear, embarassment, joy, fulfillment.

    Good Luck!