January pre req Start

  1. Is anyone starting their pre reqs in January 2014? I'm beginning mine.

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  3. by   PurpleLover
    Where are you beginning them at? I am done with all my pre reqs and co reqs.

    I kinda miss the classes,
  4. by   georgiarose
    Augusta Tech here in GA.

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  5. by   smcki008
    I'm planning on starting my pre reqs in January too!
  6. by   georgiarose
    Good luck to us both !

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  7. by   foxystar
    Hello! I'll be starting in January also! I'll be taking Biology at a community college here in Baltimore (one of the pre-reqs I need for the LPN program.) I plan to bridge to RN in a few years but for now I'm taking baby steps since Ive been out of school for 13 years! I already have my bachelor's in History (I'm a career-changer who wanted to teach years ago) so I already have the English, Psych & Sociology I need for the LPN program I want to get into but now I need to take Biology, A&P I & A&P II. Wishing you all luck (& me too!)
  8. by   georgiarose
    I've been out of school for 17 years. Scared and anxious to jump back in.

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  9. by   smcki008
    Good luck everyone! I'm a second degree seeker as well. I'll probably take medical terminology and AP I in January. I've only been out three years, but I'll have to get used to the idea of college again too!
  10. by   bugs1439
    Good luck to you guys. I'm almost done with my perquisite courses for LPN (Athens Technical, GA) . Just taking my last class Diet Nutrition . Then next month, I need to take pre entrance exam NLN...75% is the passing score, but obviously need more than that...
  11. by   foxystar
    Finally & officially started my nursing journey yesterday. I registered & paid for my Biology 101 class (pre req for A&P I) at BCCC (Baltimore City Comm Coll.) I'm nervous & scared yet hopeful & confident, and excited yet apprehensive-all at the same time! Talk about an emotional roller coaster! I'm only taking this one class this semester and it only meets once a week... but hey, Ive been out of college for 14 years so I guess I'm entitled to feel a little crazy... Lol! Class starts in 2 wks. Wish me luck!
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  12. by   FuturePedRN2016
    Yes I have started mine. I am super excited and actually wish we had class tomorrow. I get so much fulfillment in the classroom.