January pre req Start

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    Is anyone starting their pre reqs in January 2014? I'm beginning mine.

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    Where are you beginning them at? I am done with all my pre reqs and co reqs.

    I kinda miss the classes,
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    Augusta Tech here in GA.

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    I'm planning on starting my pre reqs in January too!
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    Good luck to us both !

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    Hello! I'll be starting in January also! I'll be taking Biology at a community college here in Baltimore (one of the pre-reqs I need for the LPN program.) I plan to bridge to RN in a few years but for now I'm taking baby steps since Ive been out of school for 13 years! I already have my bachelor's in History (I'm a career-changer who wanted to teach years ago) so I already have the English, Psych & Sociology I need for the LPN program I want to get into but now I need to take Biology, A&P I & A&P II. Wishing you all luck (& me too!)
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    I've been out of school for 17 years. Scared and anxious to jump back in.

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    Good luck everyone! I'm a second degree seeker as well. I'll probably take medical terminology and AP I in January. I've only been out three years, but I'll have to get used to the idea of college again too!
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    Good luck to you guys. I'm almost done with my perquisite courses for LPN (Athens Technical, GA) . Just taking my last class Diet Nutrition . Then next month, I need to take pre entrance exam NLN...75% is the passing score, but obviously need more than that...
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    Finally & officially started my nursing journey yesterday. I registered & paid for my Biology 101 class (pre req for A&P I) at BCCC (Baltimore City Comm Coll.) I'm nervous & scared yet hopeful & confident, and excited yet apprehensive-all at the same time! Talk about an emotional roller coaster! I'm only taking this one class this semester and it only meets once a week... but hey, Ive been out of college for 14 years so I guess I'm entitled to feel a little crazy... Lol! Class starts in 2 wks. Wish me luck!
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