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I'm not what you'd call "motherly." I'm not one of those girls that goes all gooey around babies or talks to kids in cute voices. I also don't call people "honey" or things like that when talking to... Read More

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    OP, I am Ravenclaw to the core. In my private life, I am the complete opposite of warm and fuzzy, and most people who know me had me pegged as a future lawyer or police officer (while moonlighting as a meter maid or at the DMV for some sadistic fun on the weekends). I chose nursing because it's interesting, and I have always enjoyed rubbernecking the strange, gruesome and unique.

    It turned out to be a perfect fit. I learn to exude warmth when interacting with patients and families, because that's what is needed to get the job done. I love interesting and weird things, so I always want the difficult, gross or oddball assignments. I take immense pride in dealing with things no one else wants to be bothered with, if only for a personal sense of accomplishment. If a patient's family is annoying as hell, I want to conquer them by making them absolutely adore me, because I am a jerk who wants to be "the best" at whatever it is I'm doing.

    Also, being sickeningly sweet is overrated. People take comfort in confidence and competency, IMO. If you are self-assured, calm and in control, patients trust you and believe they are safe in your care. Do it with a smile, and they'll love you, even if you aren't mother earth incarnate.
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    I'm a Slytherin (see: Pottermore), and I've been told by management and coworkers alike that I'm a fine nurse... so I'm not sure where that puts me based on your assessment.

    Point being, OP, that there's not one specific mold for nursing. Find a specialty that's your niche and run with it.
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    do you care about people? are you humble? are you patient? do you have a thick skin? these all important attributes for nursing. if you don't have a genuine zeal to take care of people i don't see you being a good nurse at all, might even end up hating your job, hope you make the right decision.

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    Seriously- you look around AN and your first thought is....Hufflepuff?

    Nah, we come in all flavors, proclivities, tempers, and intellects. There are so many options open to someone with a nursing degree and good experience and a good brain, you can do pret' much whatever yo' li'l heart desires, honey.

    Oy, did I say that?

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