Is Medical Microbiology Difficult?

  1. im taking microbio this summer to complete my pre-reqs. i did OK in A&P 1--got a B+, but i found A&P 2 to be more challenging and ended up grateful for a C+. im a bit nervous about this class and not sure what to expect. any knowledge or advice is appreciated
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  3. by   onemo
    I took A&P II and Micro at the same time found mirco to be much more interesting. I also received a better grade in micro. The material was not that difficult and I enjoyed learning how microorganisms affect the health of people. Also how they are transferred from different organisms. I think you should do great long as you keep up with the reading.
  4. by   candyatnsula
    I loved micro, but it would definitely differ depending on the school, teacher, etc. I took it online and found it fascinating!! Go in it with the attitude to love it. It really is interesting and so important on so many levels for nurses.
  5. by   mttzakr87
    Wait until you take your actually nursing courses, difficult will be redefined lol,
  6. by   IndyElmer
    Quote from candyatnsula
    I loved micro, but it would definitely differ depending on the school, teacher, etc.
    I've actually taken micro three times. Once for my undergrad, 8 years later when I first started thinking about nursing school and again 12 years after that because I was really gonna do it this time and my micro was "out-dated" according to some schools. The first time, when it was all new, it was more interesting to me (though I've never loved it compared to other science classes). The 2nd time, the instructor was really knowledgeable, but his presentation style was deadly dull to me and I really disliked it. The 3rd time, the instructor seemed knowledgeable and interesting, but really "scattered" in presentation which made it a little harder than it needed to be.

    I think attitude and instructor definitely makes a HUGE difference! At least you have control over one of those factors -- good luck!!
  7. by   TheCommuter
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