International version of Seeley's A&P 9th edition

  1. I rented the book for the summer and I just found out it is needed for a&p 2 as well. This book is huge and I was thinking about just buying the International Version that is Loose Leaf that way I can only take the chapters to class that is needed. My question is..... Is it the same meaning that it is in color and maybe most of the pictures. My teacher really emphasizes on the pictures. Any suggestions
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  3. by   CDEWannaBe
    If you get the International version you won't be able to sell it back. I've heard that the International versions have some different information, but you'd have to compare it against the real version of the book to really determine if it's the same or not.

    I rented my anatomy book from and it was so much cheaper! The pictures really are helpful for the anatomy part. We didn't use a textbook for physiology.

    Another option is to check in the Science department at your school and ask the secretaries there if they have any extra copies of the book you could borrow for the semester. I work at a community college and we commonly have extra copies of the book from the publishing company. If you're nice to the assistant, that person will help you if he/she can.
  4. by   zhandra
    i already rented it from because it was cheaper then chegg (i usually use chegg). I really would rather own a copy since I would be needing it for a&p 1 and 2. I went to and seen the international version for under $70. Its a 7 return policy and $25 restock fee. I emailed them and ask about it. They said they didn't know and that it was a UK versus India version. I was hoping that someone purchased the International version just to feel better about getting it.
  5. by   2BRN123
    don't email the seller, in my experience they typicall don't know anything.

    contact the publisher:

    general customer service

    [color=#564637][font=inherit]for general customer service information, please send requests to:
    [font=inherit]general customer service
    the mcgraw-hill companies
    p.o. box 182604
    columbus, oh 43272
    phone: 1-877-833-5524
    fax: 1-614-759-3749
  6. by   zhandra
    TY, I will do that, I just didnt know if they would be bias to purchase the US version because it is more $$$.
  7. by   2BRN123
    They don't know what your course requirements are. If you simply ask them what the difference between the texts is, they should be able to objectively provide you with an answer.

    If you aren't buying the book directly from them anyway, there is no incentive to sell you a more expensive book.