I'm in, how to prepare for nursing school?

  1. My lil sis just got fully accepted to Penn Valley RN program. Nursing tests are so different from general ed test, what resources can I get her to help her prepare for the critical thinking based tests?

    For my program I tried NCLEX test prep books before starting the program, but without the knowledge to help answer the questions, it really didn't help. It was more overwhelming than anything.

    Does anyone know of a book or website with maybe practice questions at her level or critical thinking based questions that might help her prepare for the different testing style.
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  3. by   bigsick_littlesick
    What I did was try to purchase the required books and start reading and taking end of the chapter tests during the time before her semester starts. Of all the books, I would start with any kind of "Fundamentals of Nursing" book or if they have preprinted powerpoint slides to purchase, I would get those and start looking those over. Our instructors posted on our online eLearning site which topics to start reading. Also, try looking up the Nursing math sticky note on this website because it seems that most programs require students to pass a math test to show if you have basic competency. As with skills, most of your books will come with a skills set DVD. For example, our instructors specifically required we purchased the book that has the skills DVD that came with it. I would watch those and practice, practice, practice. You'd be surprised but some people have failed handwashing. Hope this helps!