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    If I don't get accepted directly into the nursing major, but get accepted into the college, do I then have to choose a new major?
    Or can I be an undeclared major, take pre reqs, and reapply to the nursing program later?

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    The school I'm attending prefers if you finish your pre-reqs prior to applying to their nursing program. When I applied to the school last summer and specified I was interested in their nursing program, they made my major "nursing pending," so maybe that's what your school will do as well. :-) Actually, I'm pretty sure the BSN programs require that their pre-reqs are completed before application too.
    Hope this helps. If all else fails, you could call the school you're applying to :-)
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    Sounds like it. You are a pre-nursing student, not yet a nursing student. A few schools I know require some necessary prereqs befoore you can take the nursing entrance exam which then based on space and a background check and gpa req gets you into the actual major. Talk to a counselor and see how your school works.
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    Many schools will automatically put you into their General Studies program if you apply to nursing and are not accepted. You then are able to take the pre-reqs and wait until the following year to reapply while making your application more competitive. Good luck.
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    jhaupert813 Thank you! I wasn't sure if I would have to commit to a different major my freshman year. Your reply was very helpful. Thanks for your help!
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    @Sarah96, you're welcome! I'm kind of in the same boat, because my GPA from my first degree wasn't that great, so my advisor recommended that I get the rest of my pre-reqs finished (I only had 3) before I apply. If I don't get into the ADN program, I plan on retaking my chemistry classes and apply to the 2nd degree BSN program at UK.
    I wish you the best of luck getting into the program you want!!!
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    It varies. I am required to put a major down on the paperwork and there is no "prenursing" option where I am (we are, of course, not able to put "nursing" until we have been accepted by the nursing program). Prenursing students just put something/anything as a place holder. The school understands we aren't actually choosing the alternative or working toward it.

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