I want to become a nurse, but I am afraid of what lies ahead...

  1. Hello Guys,

    I am motivated male from NY and I am 21 years old. I am currently attending a 4yr school in NY. I just completed my 1st major in Africana Studies and now, I am now taking up Human Biology as a major. I never thought about nursing until I met my best friend mother who told that I look like the type who will do well in nursing. I've spoken to many nurses who told me they enjoy and love their jobs. I want to get into nursing, but I need guidance and I am scared of what the future holds for me.

    So far, I am in my senior year in college and I delayed graduation until Spring 2014, instead of Spring 2012. I've made this decision to get my prerequisites out of the way while financial aid still cover my studies. This is my plan for next spring semester:

    I plan to take these courses

    General Chemistry 1
    General Chemistry Lab 1
    Elementary Statistics
    Microbiology at a local community college - its an online course, but I have to attend Laboratory sessions once a week.

    In addition, I am taking these two courses for my new major

    Human Population Biology
    Introduction to Human Evolution

    Plus, I am trying volunteer on the weekends at a local hospital in the area in their Intensive Care Unit .

    All of these courses add up to 17 credit hours.
    Am I taking on too much?
    Are these science courses difficult?

    I plan to study 30-40 hours per week so I can do well in all my courses and understand the material.

    I am scared because I don't know if I am taking the right steps and classes to become a nurse. Please provide feedback.
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  3. by   Wave Watcher
    Figure out which college(s) you want to apply for and find out what their pre-reqs are. You may be taking courses that are not required and will not apply to your nursing degree.
    Do you want to be a nurse or are you just doing what others say they think you will be good at? If you are doing it because you would love it then you should do fine. Seems like you have a plan laid out and that's a start.
  4. by   leenak
    Why are you taking human biology as a major? If your pre-reqs mesh, it might be shorter to have it as a minor. It won't help you to get into nursing school to have a double major.
  5. by   futurenurse100
    Here is the deal. Since I already have a major completed, financial aid will not offer me any more money. I was informed to add the major in order to take the prerequisites and get access to financial aid. I am not going to waste my time taking course for the major, instead, I will use this as an opportunity to get the prerequisites out of the way. If I choose to take the prerequisites outside of the major, I will lose funding since I will not be working towards a degree. With this in mind, I will graduate in Spring of 2013, instead of 14.
  6. by   leenak
    I guess my memory of my situation is a bit hazy but I was done with college when I applied for graduation at the end of my 5th year. I ended up having nearly double the minimum units for a BS. I don't remember having to justify why I had so many units for financial aid purposes so it seems kind of weird that it works that way but maybe that is how your school works.

    I think taking 2 lab classes plus 3 other classes is a lot. I'd take only 4 classes if I were you.
  7. by   futurenurse100
    This is my plan, I am going to take the prerequisites during the spring, summer, and fall. I will just graduate in the fall of next year after I am done taking my courses.
  8. by   futurenurse100
    I am not doing it because people are telling me about it. I like talking care of people plus this economy is falling apart and nursing is the only area that is secure. I choose to add Human Biology as my major because that is the only way I can get access to federal/state aid to pay for my education. What I will do is take the course that nursing school needs and drop the major later and hopefully graduate since I already have a major.
  9. by   leenak
    You might not want to talk about nursing being a secure job around here. There are lots of new grads and laid off nurses who can't find jobs. You are going to have to work hard to find a job right now in nursing. If you want to do it, then go for it. If you want to do it because you think it may guarantee you a job, then you might want to look elsewhere.