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I plan to become a male nurse.

  1. 0 I am 31 and going to transfer to a nursing school next year.
    Of course, I am excited to have a professional career as a nurse, but there are some things that concern me.

    First, whether I can successfully pass IELTS exam is an issue to me. As a non-native speaker, I am required to take the test, which is overwhelming. Hopefully, people from non English speaking countries are able to respond to this problem.

    Secondly, I wonder if theres any gender discrimination in nursing field simply because I am a man.

    Lastly, to current male nurses, what are your pet peeves?

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    I think you should just become a regular nurse rather than a specifically male one. If you're already male you can concentrate on that part later, why add all the stress and study now?
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    My pet peeve when I first started in nursing over 30 years ago was little old ladies asking me, "Are you a MALE nurse?" I finally started answering, " I wanted to be a female nurse, but I couldn't pass the physical", accompanied by looking down inside my shirt, as if double-checking my gender. That usually got a laugh. Seriously, I've never had any problems as a male RN, but when I was a nurses' aide, I was always asked to do more than my share of heavy lifting, trash emptying, and other "male" tasks. I don't think that's tolerated as much these days.
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    Good on you to become a nurse :3 There are a butt load of male nurses so that's never a worry about being one Good luck on your exam!
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    Pet Peeve- People that ask about gender discrimination in nursing
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    I agree. Just focus on becoming a nurse. Let the "male" come naturally
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    Theres plenty of male nurses out there, your not the first. There is very little discrimination, in fact, many of the female nurses drag me (i'm a male nursing student) around and show me things on patients over many of the females (i believe its because i'm competent and confident in what i do)
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    I enjoy being a nurse. There is always a lot to think about. I am always busy. Some of what I do is very mundane but some of it is quite complicated and skilled.

    As a male in nursing, and I hope this doesn't sound too creepy, I absolutely love working with women, well, most women anyway. I'm not a womanizer or a player, but I like being around women.

    That said, after a few shifts of being the only guy on the floor, I often can't wait to escape and go have a beer and do something stereotypically masculine, like grill steaks or shoot a gun.

    It gets complicated.