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I have gotten really lucky.

  1. 1 I had an interview with one of the two hospitals in my area about a month ago. The hospital was expanding and they were hiring more people to fill up the spots. I applied for a tech position, the title was just tech, figuring that I had nothing to lose. I got a call for an interview about a week after I applied for the job. I was very surprised when I got to my interview and I was interviewing with 3 departments, Step-down, Med-Surg and Orthopedics. I thought I had rocked the interview, they asked about my bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and asked what I planned on doing with it. They liked that I wanted to go to nursing school to shape the field of nursing forensics, and I guess the manager of step-down took a shine to me because when I got back from my dance camp in England, I had a job offer waiting for me. I took a PRN position as a monitor tech (with very basic EKG experience), my manager told me that I get to make up my own schedule so it wont interfere with school. I got really lucky that someone liked my enthusiasm to learn and my passion to shape a fairly new field of forensics and healthcare. I was cleared to start working on Friday, and should be hearing from my manager on Monday when I start!
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    Thanks, it's a good thing. I am really excited about it.
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    congrats! things are meant to be for you
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    That sounds fantastic... I feel so guilty, I'm a bit jealous. I wish things were going as smoothly for me.
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    I got my letter today...I start nursing school next month!
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    Awe happy to hear things are going so well for you. At least its one of us : ) congrats, sure you'll be a great nurse!