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Hello Good People, I did not make in to LVN school (Hacienda La Puente). The notice said that my scores were high enough for entry into the psych tech program. I don't know if that is what to... Read More

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    Wow that sounds like a tough selection process! Good luck with whatever you decide. I am not sure alot of us would have made it through something like that the first time.
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    Nursing school entrance exams are usually basic English, basic math, basic chemistry/biology and etc. If you are already struggling now then you may not make it through nursing school (which requires critical thinking). My advice is to review the content of the test and also assess your test taking abilities before you pursue another school. Good luck!
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    Hi RNmama999,

    The program that I was trying to get into is the most highly regarded LVN program in Southern CA. Any student that graduate from this program is employed quickly. This program has over 1,000 applicants each term. First, there is the assessment exam. Applicants must score a 12th grade level or higher. Applicants that score 12 grade or higher are then invited to the Pre-Lvn Course. This course costs $25.00 and the 30 highest scores are picked for the actual LVN program. The two tier selection process is like this to weed out the top candidates.

    I have good test taking skills. It is not just test scores that determines who enters into the program.
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    12th grade? That is beyond basic! Lmao! High School content! What you're describing sounds very much like the selection process at the LVN school I attended. My understanding is that you did not score high enough on the assessment test, wore a blouse instead of a suit which would have scored you more points, and failed to meet the other criteria that may have been posted somewhere on the school's information packet and/or website. The Pre-LVN course i'm guessing is an introductory class which may or may not include dosage calculations, A&P, and microbiology. These are usually required in the first 2 years of college and are also part of nursing program prerequisites at a state university.

    Why are you pursuing an LVN license when you can get your RN, BSN? My husband and I are both RNs and live in Nor Cal (Bay Area) and we are amongst the highest paid RNs in the nation. New grads here start at $50 -$59 per hour in the hospital. I was an LVN prior to getting my RN and made $28 which is pretty good considering average LVN pay in CA is $24. In my opinion, that is still pretty low compared to the cost of living here. I am sure SoCal is fairly similar. Most LVNs are being laid off from hospitals and the majority work in SNFs. The job market is as tough for LVNs as it is for RN so why not pursue higher education? :-)
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    am very sorry,but why do they have to do that?,come on brother,it has happen but you know what, there is a door opened just for you.Just try another way, you will smile again.
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    Look on the bright side, that isn't the only school that has an LVN program! Get your prerequise at a community college. Learn from your mistakes so you can knock'em dead the next go round! Don't give up!....Just go full force the next go round because you know the do's and dont's!
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    If you want to go into nursing don't settle for psych tech. There are no opportunities for anything less than a bachelors degree in psych. Mental health is one of those professions that require the highest level of education with the least amount of pay. My husband has a masters degree in psych and all the jobs or hound here pay about what an RN would get paid while requiring that masters degree and then some.
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    It is interesting that you would mention that about the pay of people in the psych field. I have befriended an educator on Facebook and she did some research and reported back to me. While it is true that a psych tech can bridge over to ASN for RN, that can only happen in Arkansas and Colorado. I live in California! So long story short, I would be stuck in that field.

    I have decided to pursue the LVN program again in June 2013. I have thought about all of the things that I would do differently if given the opportunity again.
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    Hi Mz.snuggly,

    No, it is not the only school with an LVN program, but it is the only one where I have one foot in the door (passed the assessment test with flying colors). I have learned from my mistakes and thought about what I would do differently if given the opportunity again (next Pre-LVN class in May 2013).

    Thank you for your support and words of encouragement.
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    The pre-LVN class is part of the selection (or elimination) process to enter into the LVN program. The Pre-LVN class does not include dosage calculations, mircrobiology and A&P.

    As far as the assessment test is concerned, I scored 12 grade and higher in all subjects (7 in all) across the board. This is the only reason why I was invited to participate in the Pre-LVN course in the first place.

    The reason why I am pursuing the LVN instead of my RN is because I am currently unemployed and have obtained WIA funds (for training only). I figured that I would get my LVN and then bridge over to RN. I know that it sounds crazy and drawn out, but I am thinking about my current situation. If you have any suggestions on how I can approach this differently, I am open to any new suggestions.

    Thank you for responding to my post.

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