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Hello everyone, I am currently in Anatomy & Physiology 1. It is a prerequisite to the Nursing program here at my college. My current average is only a 71 (You need a 76 to... Read More

  1. by   quddus
    I can help you in learning human anatomy if you like
  2. by   quddus
    I can help with your human anatomy. Upper limb lower limb abdomen pelvis thorax neuroanatomy embryology and histology.
  3. by   ktgale63
    I am in a&p I currently also and I completely agree. I currently have a 69.9% in the class. I spend 6 hours a week in the tutoring center, I study during my lunch breaks at work, and I wake up 3 hours before my class starts to go to the SI sessions that are of no help to me. I've considered withdrawing and taking it again next semester but I don't see how it would be any different. Just try to stay afloat in this extremely challenging class. If you really want to be a nurse it will all work out.
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    I can help you learn your anatomy so that you get your required score you can contact me on drquddus_2003@hot mail.com
  5. by   Kielord1987
    Well I stumbled on this site I'm almost in the program myself and in A&P right now. Study...study...study. You cannot stare at something for 4 hours you will never learn it, and I know this is an old post this is more for newer people like me, learn it in chunks! Flash cards practice tests ect. I have a 92 midterm grade and I relax a lot when I study I know Imma do it till I know most of the material. And be sure to take a break every 30 minutes or so, helps retention greatly
  6. by   Kielord1987
    Problem is like my original post you learn everything your gonna learn in 30 minutes roughly, after that your forcing yourself, and become lazy/not wanting to do it, take a 5 minute break every 30 minutes to rest recoup and come back and hit it. Studying for 6 hours is not gonna help if you are not retaining the information
  7. by   stevosmusic
    After switching from a music major to nursing my I took A&P 1 as my first pre rew over the summer. It was supposed be a 12 weeks class but they changed it to 8 week. And this teacher was a stickler didn't dumb anything down. It was the hardest thing ever, but here's what I learned. Note cards are the way to go!! You can look and read stuff all day but if you don't ingrain it what's the point? Make not cards and go over them all the time!
  8. by   Crumble
    I've never seen a school set up a study group for students... you need to talk to your fellow classmates and set up study groups yourself. In Anatomy and Physio (we take them separately at my school) I set up the study groups myself by recruiting the people at my table. When we met up I would go over the material while the group listened and I would take turns quizzing people in my study group on the material while the others listened. It seemed to work pretty well and we all got A's or B's.

    I feel that being the "teacher" of the group is an advantage because you get the material down better, so I got an A in both classes.

    I'm doing the same thing now in Micro, and have 100% in the class... so study
    groups can be a very powerful tool. Most people have trouble studying by themselves, myself included.

    One big thing is to take advantage of open labs with your study group.

    The above advice about taking a short break every 30 minutes is good advice. After about 30 minutes people just start tuning out, and are no longer retaining the information, short breaks will give your brain time to store the information and be ready for more.
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    If any of you need help with A&P I would highly advise you to check out humananatomycourse online.
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    If you are having trouble please try quizlet.com it has helped me so much with studying its free