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I almost passed out from excitement today when my A&P teacher said we'd have an optional opportunity to explore a flash frozen human cadaver!! I thought I'd only experience this if I chose medical school! Anyways, I am obviously... Read More

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    My anatomy class used cadavers, 4 students per cadaver. While they weren't flash-frozen, we had complete and total access to our cadavers. I learned a ton and firmly believe that the only way to really 'get' human anatomy is by looking at it.

    The flash-frozen cadaver sounds like a great experience.
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    I was able to work with two (one male one female) in the first year of pre-recs leading up to acceptance into the nursing program. It went along with our anatomy class and it really made it come to life. We were able to took at muscle structure as well as inside organs. I know that it was beneficial to many students who are more hands on than just reading the text book. I know I am better that way and it was so great! The teacher absolutely made everything click for many of us. If you every have the opportunity to even sit in on a class and observe I would take that chance.
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    That sounds awesome.... an experience I would never forget if I had the chance to do it!!! We're dissecting a cat in my Anatomy class which is pretty cool, but a human cadaver would be amazing.
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    WHAT?! So many students without cadavers!!! Our school has 4, granted it's a private school, but it helped me learn so much! One of the things I remember most was our professor showing us the tendon's and making the fingers move. At first it is quite different, especially being a 17 year old, however, it is a great learning opportunity! But, even if you don't get cadavers in the lab, we did a lot with animals too: pig lungs that we got to intubate and blow up, a cows eyeball that we discussed, a sheep's brain, another animal's kidney's. Even with human parts, not whole cadavers, you get to see a lot. We had a human heart the size of a football...

    Ah, anatomy...
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    I went on a field trip when I was a senior in high school to the gross anatomy lab at the university. They had a cadaver already dissected for us. It was awesome!
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    Can you sneak me into that room with you ??!! I'd love to be able to experience that! WOW!
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    Serisouly jealous right now! I wish I could do that!
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    Awesome!!! Tell us how it goes. Have fun
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    So jealous! We had 2 cadavers that had been preserved in formaldehyde and were starting to fall apart. The muscles reminded me a lot of beef jerky (yuck). It would be pretty cool to see one with all the fluids still intact!
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    Years ago for nsg school, I attended an autopsy with my class. Nothing participatory, just observational, but it was an awesome experience.

    Two things still stick out vividly - 1) the size, shape, color of the liver; and 2) a black, sticky chewing gum-like substance in the lungs (tar & nicotine? pt was a smoker.
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