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Soooo, now that we are knee-deep in fall 2011, how's everyone feeling? I'm taking A&P II, Nutrition, Spanish I and College Algebra (:uhoh3:). I think except for the math, I'm kicking buttinski. Anyone else?... Read More

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    Chem and pharm this semester. Never took chem b/4 so it was a shock to the system with the math. All in all, I'm hanging on the As and Godwill it'll stay that way upon the completion of the semester.

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    Quote from Iridescent Orchid
    Just had my last test score in Psychology and made 95% on it! I really can't believe the transitions I've made in this semester alone. I had an 82 in Psych and studied my butt off...I'm currently at a 95! I have two more homework grades and a group project (our final exam) grade to do my best in.

    Less than a month left! I'm so ready to be done! Hope everyone is doing great this semester.
    I also have an 82 in Psychology but I am waiting for more things to be graded. I sure hope I can bring it up.
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    well i am retaking a&p to get a better grade and to prove to the school i want to go to i know the material. I also have nutrition, history, and online lit. and i have a 4.0 gpa and thats great!!!!
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    you can do it!!! have faith and stay can get them

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