How many prereqs have you retaken?

  1. I am retaking a total of 4 pre-req classes.

    I feel so crappy about it, but I still want to keep pushing through and improve my grades and get into a program. Any one else out there who can relate or words of wisdom?
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  3. by   JROregon
    I haven't retaken any of the pre-reqs but a few students in my nursing class did and they are doing just fine with nursing school. It is the attitude that is going to help you most. If these are science classes you are retaking, just having that much more exposure is going to help your thinking process. You are not giving up, just forging ahead. Good luck !!
  4. by   tnt714
    I had to retake 2 classes... for no reason other than I wasn't putting in the effort I needed to be putting in .. I got a little lazy and wasn't studying as much. The downside is that my school only allows you to retake 2 classes. So I guess I used up my 2 chances =/ .. But keep your head up and keep moving forward, it will be worth it. And the way I see it , it is better to fail a pre-req than to fail a nursing course. Just step up your game, put EVERYTHING else on the back burner.. My guess is you are making the same mistake that I did and probably not giving your studies your absolute ALL... and trust me, you need to! Just keep remembering what your doing all this for and it will pay off good luck
  5. by   Camwill
    Well I am taking four classes over. My school requires a & p chemist nutrition to be less than five years old. A & p are separate classes here. I received a A in all of theses courses. It is funny how nervous I am about getting a A again. I am so nervous I am fighting myself about studying now. I know I should enjoy my summer but I am in such a hurry to get ready for the courses. Good luck with your courses!!!
  6. by   akulahawkRN
    I ended up taking 2 prereq's over. One I retook just to make things easier (not having to challenge my sports nutrition for gen nutrition (it was gen nutrition with sports tweaks) and I retook an A&P course that dealt with mostly resp, CV, endo, GI stuff as mostly a refresher. It'd been nearly 10 years since I'd actually been in an A&P class, and about 5 years since I'd really last used that info.