How many hours do you study for A/P II tests? - page 2

I am almost embarrassed to admit that I study (in total) an average of 15-20 hours for each A & P II test. Our tests are almost entirely short answer (read: essay) and I just can't make an A with any less studying than that. ... Read More

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    Yes, I always study as we go along. In fact, I take notes from the book before the class lecture is given. I think I get a lot more out of the lectures that way. 10 - 15 hours a week is about average, but I only do a quick review before the exam and have very little stress.

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    Im studying for an A&P 1 exam right now. I probably spend about 6 hours per chapter right before the exam. I dont cram, I actually have been reading , studying before this.

    I have a test on chapter 11,12,13 tommorow. So, friday I just spent all day on 11, Sat , 12, Sun 13 and now I will spend about 2-3 hours on each chapter today.
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    I agree with CaliOtter...the more I study the worse I always seem to do. Last test I had, I closed my books the night before and said this is it, don't kill yourself, you're ready for the test...I ended up getting a 95 which I really didn't expect. I find myself studying like 20 hours a week for A+P 2. I was kind of bummed this semester because I have the same teacher I had for part 1 of A+P last year and he is awful this just feels like he knows everyone is getting ready for nursing school and is purposely trying to make everything difficult. It's really hard because we have already had 11 weeks of class and 3 exams. Now we have three and a half weeks to go and 3 more exams, which is really unfair.

    This one class takes up more time studying for me than all other classes, multiplied by 2.

    Don't work yourself too hard! I think the teacher makes a huge difference in the amount of studying required. But like other posters said it's good to review almost everyday.
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    tap - Everything seems harder in A&P II than A&PI here. My Professor is trying to prepare us for any of the allied health and nursing programs and I think she is weeding some out. We started the semester with too many students for the size of the classroom and had to pull in chairs for people. Now, the remaining students fit comfortably in the classroom, with a few spots to spare. We just got our third test back last Thursday, and I'm wondering if we'll see a few more leave.

    I don't know that our Professor is harder one semester vs another, but I think there is more material to cover. Last semester she would review everything from the class before for 10-15 minutes. This semester she just asks where she left off and runs with it.

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