How many hours do you study for A/P II tests? - page 2

I am almost embarrassed to admit that I study (in total) an average of 15-20 hours for each A & P II test. Our tests are almost entirely short answer (read: essay) and I just can't make an A with... Read More

  1. by   jennylouwho
    tap - Everything seems harder in A&P II than A&PI here. My Professor is trying to prepare us for any of the allied health and nursing programs and I think she is weeding some out. We started the semester with too many students for the size of the classroom and had to pull in chairs for people. Now, the remaining students fit comfortably in the classroom, with a few spots to spare. We just got our third test back last Thursday, and I'm wondering if we'll see a few more leave.

    I don't know that our Professor is harder one semester vs another, but I think there is more material to cover. Last semester she would review everything from the class before for 10-15 minutes. This semester she just asks where she left off and runs with it.