How long would it take to get a ASN part time?

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    I'm thinking of going back to school for nursing at Trinitas School of Nursing. I have a Bachelors in Business from Rutgers. I can not quit my full-time job as I am supporting myself. I would have to go to school part-time. I know I need the required courses like bio, chem, etc. My english 101, 102, etc. transfer over. I was wondering about how long would it take me to finish Trinitas School of Nursing part-time? I'll be honest, I'm scared to start over espcially knowing I'm alone in this process. Any advise, on how long the program would take, etc. is appreciated.
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  3. by   IslandRae
    Just curious.....but do they have a website you can look at to figure this out, or maybe call the school and speak with an adviser to figure this out. An Adviser would be the best source to get correct information about the program.
  4. by   AgentBeast
    Usually there is no "part time" nursing school. These programs are very structured and you are expected to take courses in a certain sequence at a certain time.
  5. by   IslandRae
    Actually depending on where you are, some schools do offer a part-time track. Also, I know of students that have applied to traditional programs (3 classes/semester) but have had to drop down to 1-2 classes per semester because of personal matters. The negative side of doing that is that they can only take certain classes at certain times. But to the OP do your research and call the schools to find out. You may need to look at other schools also.
  6. by   BBRANRN2013
    Here in PA they do offer a part time ADN program. Instead of taking 4 semesters to complete it is taking me 8. I have four children to raise. So I go one night a week to clinical one night to theory...and we have to make time for skills testing in the SIM lab. It's wonderful for people who have to work and have kids. So the first semester we have to take 103A, second semester 103B, and I'm currently in 104A. Next 104B, 205A and 203, then 205B, 206 A and 204 and last semester 206B. We cannot take semesters off this is what we have to take and when we have to take it. It's not so jam packed like the full time program. We also have to take dosage entrance tests and get 100% before moving on every two semesters. I love it! I started in 2008 taking all pre reqs and will not be done until 2013. Long time but well worth it. Good luck!