How high does a GPA usually have to be for a 4-year college nursing program?

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    I'm transferring to the University of Detroit Mercy this Fall and I'll be applying to their nursing program next fall. Last quarter my GPA was 3.87, and this quarter it is 3.93.

    My question is this: Is this good enough for the average GPA requirements for a typical 4-year college nursing program? I know that a 4.0 is basically all thats accepted at a community college nursing program - does anyone know if thats the case for a 4-year nursing program?

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    I think it depends on the program, the criteria used for admittance, and how impacted the school is. The program I have applied to uses a combination of your GPA and the score you receive on the TEAS test as well as optional criteria, such as having a foreign language or experience in the field, to determine admittance to the program. You can probably contact the school(s) you are interested in and inquire about their process. HTH!
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