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Hello, I Just Got out of high school But i know that i really want to do nursing, I see that you have to take the HESI test which i had planed to take at rets but i recently was intoduced to this school I see on the nursing guide... Read More

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    Oh, no worries! I am sure there are students there that aren't, and I did have one student who helped me a lot in calming down a patient to give them a shot. Sorry I let it come off that way. It's rough around here anyway, since we often have to share clinical sites. You have a good attitude about learning, that's important. Best of luck with your program!

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    if you have any further information regarding the bsn, please let me know. I want to pursue that after.
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    Oh no your right, there are some that are just rude lol! But im sure that is at every school. I am trying very hard to find another school that will allow me to do just my final term. I still am in shock that they threw that Hesi in on us in the middle of finals. and then gave the review after it lol.. talk about a school doing thing in reverse! Fortis is the Winner in that category!

    I have not herd much from the BSN at Hondros, but I have herd very good things about the school in general. A friend of mine is doing her RN there now. She says it is hard and stressful but I think that it is how its supposed to be lol! Good luck everyone and thank you for helping me keep my chin up at such a low point in my life..
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    Please try to stay on topic and answer the questions asked-thank you
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    i just wanted to know about the bsn, and how i can pursue that after the rn program at hondros. if i can pursue that in the state of michigan or do i have to go to a hondros affiliated school?
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    Quote from nursejoed
    "Good Luck to you on your journey update us on the boards about what's going on sorry i just needed to make this a ONE HUGE RUN ON I'm not sure why people even borther to care nor post if you didn't UNDERSTAND then why reply if you don't like something someone else is doing DONT REPLY SIMPLE =)"


    1. Cogent, literate writing is easier to understand, reflects better on the profession, and is good practice for the poster.

    2. It's frustrating enough having:

    a, yet ANOTHER non-nurse troll on this site

    b ignore the fact that as non-nurses, they're not only guests, but on the wrong link of the site with many of their questions

    c. repeat yet another variation of the same basic question that they should research in another venue

    3. People's disdain for decent writing, and the sarcastic responses supporting bad writing,are disappointing. If your writing is fuzzy and undisciplined, so is your thinking.
    *Wondering* Why, Do ppl (ppl="people" for the rejects) like to keep Neg. going?

    I won't entertain this,It's honestly funny that ppl can be so UP TIGHT ON A MESSAGE BOARD...Clearly,You understood that, righhhht lol, MY POINT MADE!!! Everyone, is diffrent and can express themseleves in whatever form they want. IF you can't understand it simple: DON'T REPLY!! This is a message board,NOT A JOB, NO1 IS GETTING PAIDED TO READ INCORRECT OR CORRECT GRAMMER....

    Anyways, Back to the TOPIC!
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    Do you have to graduate from a prestigious school to have better chances of being accepted into the crna program?
    i'll b attending hondros school of nursing, and after my Rn, transferring over to chamberlain to get my bsn. I have only 12 credits from my previous institution before going to hondros, its almost as if im going straight out of high school. So if i want to get into the rn to bsn program at chamberlain, would there be any additional requirement? i mean i'll have my ADN from hondros when im done.
    My ultimate goal is to go for crna, do you guys know of anyone that has graduated from chamberlain and got into a crna program?
    thank you!!
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    anyone hear about chamberlain?
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    I have recently attended an information session at Hondros. (mondays @ 6pm; Fridays @ 9am.) If you havent attended a session but are interested attending will give you the information you need. As to my knowledge you MUST take the Hesi entrance exam; Unless you have the passing score on the SAT or ACT test. (Most school's require you to pass a exam to make sure you will be able to complete the course.) Hondros from what I can see is a great program and I am excited to attend. I hope this helps! I'm happy to answer any other questions you might have.

    P.s. Dont worry about the rude nasty comment's people are posting on here it just goes to show the devil will use anything to bring you down. I have been reading many other post and this is the only one I have found that has been attacked, and its no surprise it's because you are widely expressing your faith to Jesus Christ! Keep your head up and your heart strong!
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    Dear rude commenters,

    GET A LIFE. If you have nothing nice to say then don't say it.

    Have a nice day

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