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Help finding a job

  1. 0 So i have my cpr/aed certification and i have a high school diploma im currently in nursing school and i was wondering if anybody knew of any jobs in the medical profession that would be available for me that only require a high school diploma and the cor/aed certification?
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    It will be very difficult to find a job in the medical field with just your HS diploma and cpr/aed certification. If you are looking for a short training program that can get you a job at a hospital or doctor's office... I suggest looking for CNA training or medical assistant. There is also the registration desk at hospitals.

    What are your long term goals ??
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    Hi there, sometimes it depends where you live. I would check at local hospitals for CNA and PCT job openings. Usually they'll give you consideration if you've got six months bedside experience or nursing fundamentals. It's a good idea to go and take the CNA exam. I got hired at a hospital with zero experience BUT I had my CNA license. If you want to work as an RN in a hospital, this is route I would take. You get awesome RN experience! good luck
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    Some states allow you to test for the CNA exam after you have finisged fundamentals. You are going to have to do a little research in yoru state. Ask you school advisors forthe nursing program I'll be they will know.