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  1. 0 hi everyone i'm becky and i'm new to these forums. a lil info about me, i just got married this past friday!! woohoo! and i'm currently finishing up my pre-req's. i have all my a&p's done just taking human growth and development and med calc right now. i will be taking micro in the spring! i'm also studying like crazy for the hesi exam since my school requires a 77 or better on that! :uhoh21:

    enough about me, i look forward to making some new friends and feel free to ask for a&p help!
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    Congratulations on getting married! I hope you have a very happy and healthy marriage. Good luck with your classes and getting into nursing school!

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    Hi Becky, congrats on getting married! I'm Karen, I've been married 14 years have 3 kids and I am also taking prereq's right now. I took !&P 2 years ago and have to retake them because the credits won't transfer to the school I'm applying to. I'll be taking A&P 1 starting Nov 13 followed by 2 in winter and 3 in spring, along with Micro.

    Talk soon!

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    Hi Becky!! Welcome to the board and congratulations on being a newlywed!!! How exciting!!! Sounds like you are just about done with your pre-req's and ready to start the clinicals!!!

    My name is Lori and I will be married 5 years NEXT Friday (the 19th). My husband and I have a 2 year old daughter and I am done with my pre-req's and hoping to begin clinicals Spring of '08.

    This board really is a great place for support, information and awesome links to sites that can help you with many things!!!

    Best of luck to you as you finish up your classes!!!!