Has Everyone?

  1. Has Everyone already taken the Hesi A2 exam? If so pleas give me some pointers.
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  3. by   GamerGirL337

    I just took the HESI yesterday...ended up with a 93.41% overall and an 850 on Critical thinking.

    I didn't have to take any Science portion though so if you DO have to take the science portion then that would be someone else specialty.

    I HIGHLY recommend getting the Evolve Reach Admission Assessment review book, I got if from Amazon for around 30$ (that will cover EVERYTHING but Critical Thinking) Some of the questions in that book were even on the test so its definitely worth the money and gives you a lot of info. The vocab in the book isn't the best for the test but if you can find any Medical Terminology book, it would definitely come in handy!

    As for the critical thinking section i would HIGHLY recommend Fundamentals Success (a course review applying critical thinking to test taking) by Patricia M. Nugent and Barbara Vitale. This book also has two dvd's on it that not only help with nursing course review but also the NCLEX test review! so its a book you can keep throughout your nursing school career! I got it for 28$ from Amazon and it is nothing but tons of questions involving treating patients as a nurse. Some of the questions I seen in the book were also on the test!

    Other then that, don't worry too much about the test, it really was not as hard as some people make it out to be. but those 2 study guides helped me TREMENDOUSLY! so good luck and I can answer more specific questions if you need them!
  4. by   MCLMN765
    i took mine the same day you did. I'v reciveived a 82.31% is that passing or failing?
  5. by   GamerGirL337
    Theres really no pass or fail, it depends on what the school you are applying to requires as a score....the school i applied to required a 75% overall with a 750 on critical thinking....so with your scores you would have technically passed...

    but like i said it just depend on the school you were applying to...
  6. by   MCLMN765
    This is the first year my school is doing this test, so I don't think they know.
  7. by   momtofore
    I studied the same HESI book as GamerGirl and had a 94.58% overall. I agree with everything she has to say about it, except I had a lot of the vocab on my test. My critical thinking score was the same as hers. After the test I bought the Fundamentals Success book she recommended, too! I will be studying that this summer prior to Nursing school. I wish I'd known about it before the test, so that score could have been a little higher. But you do, so get it! It looks like it will be a great help through nursing school. Great tips, Gamer!

    Good luck with the test!