Has anyone retook the HESI A2?

  1. What was it like? easier... harder? some questions different questions? I have to retake Biology and Chemistry..it's my last chance...any advice? I have the evolve HESI book and the science portions were nothing like the study guide.
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  3. by   bobbleheadoll
    i didn't take those sections but imo the math and vocab were harder.

    did you know you can go to http://evolvereach.elsevier.com/ and login with the user name & password that you had to set up before taking the test and view your test scores by clicking on my remediation and you have the ability to see the actual questions you missed?

    go login at http://evolvereach.elsevier.com/
    and after you log on right below your user name click my content>reach testing and remediation
    then the page with your hesi score will come up.
    click on my exams plus sign instead of clicking on the hyperlink, and all the sections you took on the hesi will be listed.
    then you can click on each hesi section individually and view the exact section/question you missed, and evolve will provide you example questions on those missed for study guides.

    i didn't know this until today when i was looking at my retake results. i passed this time, but it would of helped me a lot if i had known evolve had this when trying to find study material.
  4. by   Streamline2010
    ^ Wow, I didn't know that. Great post, Bobblehead! Bump for that.

    Britt Marie, I sent you a link to the McGraw-Hill book. If you didn't get it, PM me. That book is pretty comprehensive in content. Go to http://www.testprepreview.com/teas_practice.htm and lok at the practice questions for TEAS, CLEP, etc.