Has anyone gone from a BA to a BSN?

  1. Hi all - I currently hold a Bachelor of Arts and am enrolled in a program for LPN. Unfortunately due to some turn of events at home (I have six children and one now has medical issues) I can't continue that program.

    I wanted to go straight for my BSN online. Has anyone gone from a BA to BSN? If so, did it take a while?
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  3. by   princesax11
    No, you can not get your BSN online. The only people that can do that are ADN RNs. This is because in order to become a nurse, clinical skills are essential. For example, would you want a nurse to draw your blood at a hospital that has never done it before? I don't think so lol. There is so much to learn in nursing that can only be done at a clinical site. Since you have a ba already you can apply to accelerated bsn programs (aka absn). You will have to take the prereqs that the program requires to apply. It is probably best for you to take them at a CC because it is more convenient and cost effective. Another option is to just take prereqs like people without other degrees and apply for the BSN programs. You could also go the ADN route. Is the reason you are not able to attend the LPN program because you are unable to leave your kids? If so nursing school may not be an option for you because attendance is crucial.
  4. by   gabookworm
    Actually, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has an online accelerated BSN for second-degree students, and they arrange clinicals one-one with preceptors within 50 miles of your hometown. Only the didactic coursework is online. The program is very rigorous and very time-intensive, and they only have 30 spots in each cohort (twice a year), so admission is pretty competitive.