Graduating with a History degree, want to enter nursing field.

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    Hello everyone, I am new to this site. I thought I would register to get some suggestions about my current situation. I am currently a history major at UCLA. I have decided against law school because I've always wanted to become a nurse (don't ask me why I majored in History lol).

    Anyways, here is my situation. I have a pretty high GPA but absolutely zero pre-reqs for most BSN programs. According to the minimal amount of research I have done, a lot of BSN programs require pre-reqs (anatomy, biology, etc) but I have taken none of these courses.

    My question is... where do I start? Of course the fastest route is probably the best route for me right now. I would love to join a program that will allow me to get a second bachelor's in nursing but does not require pre-reqs for admissions. My goal is to become a registered nurse.

    Any type of recommendations and advice for schools and etc will greatly be appreciated.
    By the way, I live in California and have no intentions of moving. Thanks!
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    I was in your shoes so a couple of things. Hooray for you for maintaining a high GPA! The programs that allow you to complete pre-reqs while you earn your degree are usually AA programs. You want to avoid those programs bc the industry standard is a BSN. Seaton hall offers a bridge MSN program for non nursing. BUT it does req some pre-reqs. There's really no way to avoid the a & p micro & psyc. They are foundation courses necesary for your nursing course work
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    do you think it would be smart for me to stay at UCLA to take the pre reqs?
    I'm just fearful that it will ruin my GPA and if I am unable to take the nursing route grad school will be out of the question if my GPA is brought down
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    I would take the pre-reqs at a local community college it's def cheaper and no one cares where you took A & P just as long as you took it. There are some core pre-reqs every school wants you to have like A&P Micro Pscy. But some programs req chemistry, nutrition economics (don't ask me why)

    I wouldn't be too concerned about your GPA pre-reqs for nursing are rote memorization. If you can memorize you can make As.
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    Make sure you research the pre-req that each program wants you to have.
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    thank you for your advice! i really do appreciate it
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    Quote from Queen953
    I wouldn't be too concerned about your GPA pre-reqs for nursing are rote memorization. If you can memorize you can make As.
    Ummm....not always.

    Admittedly, prereqs like A&P, micro, psychology were mostly memorization. The prof for my pathophysiology & pharmacology classes, on the other hand, required not only that you remembered the material, but could apply it.