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I just applied to GPC's nursing school for fall 2018 acceptance. Wondering who else has applied?... Read More

  1. by   apcpr
    allow me to be a cautionary tale ladies (fellas?) I was accepted last year. But I got a B during the summer in Micro Lecture. It dragged my bio/anat average down by .03 points. I was dropped from the program. I am reapplying again this year and to several other programs. I didn't waste the time, I will have my AAS in General Studies at the end of the semester, and I retook the Teas and got a 87. I also brought up my bio average with repeat to replace.
  2. by   Zuhayrc
    That's pretty scary, do you mind sharing your GPAs?
  3. by   killjoyATL
    Hello, my name is Joey! I've applied and not sure what to think. My overall GPA was bad from my first degree at GSU, and Math/Science was horrible. I've taken the pre-req's over the past year to pull these grades up. I also finished a Master's degree at GSU (different discipline) a few years ago but was told this won't apply to my GPA, even though I finished with a 3.7 overall in the program.

    I did, however, get my letter saying I had met the minimum requirements and would hear by April 30. Here is my info:

    GPA overall: 3.09
    M/S GPA: 2.84

    A&P I: A
    A&P II: A
    A&P Labs: A, A
    Micro: A
    Micro Lab: B

    TEAS: 89.3%